Hanging Letters

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Chloe5972  06.03.2014
Fancy font !!
filrublev1980  17.09.2014
I love it! I would also would like your permission to use for a logo and for headlines on my website and newsletter. My website is http://websmartideas.com my e-mail is filrublev1980@gmail.com
Mark01  01.12.2014
Heh, this is very funny and original design
its good but my nuts hang lower
Its-Paige_Here  19.03.2015
ellery a  19.03.2015
sexy mwah
ellery a  19.03.2015
my husband left me
damienpod  26.05.2015
I think this could be useful for giftcards.
matthewcl64  31.05.2015
Let me guess, this font will go back in the top 10 every Sunday?! I'm tired to see this font, stop hacking and let do normally.
Cupcake_lover22  09.11.2015
I want this font so bad!!!! I have phonto but it won't let me download. (I have wifi too) 😄 But I so want this phont! I want to use this phont for pic collage. (My username is cupcake_lover22 if your wondering)
But why won't it let me download!😡😫
vasty.12  25.06.2017
no pasa nada no funciona ñe
Lia.021  15.10.2019
I can’t get the font to work, what do I use to actually use it
akam2201  04.11.2019
I want to hang like those letters.
Ina_Cxxkie  14.03.2020
Thank you! I needed this font for typography.
lisalala  04.08.2020
ich betätige die download schaltfleche und es passiert nichts obwohl ich es für privat benutzen möchte. Bitte um lösung
Nice Font.
Vania_Editz  27.04.2021
Wow this is cool
Kelly Moninha  18.07.2022
Esta letra realmente é maravilhosa, agradeço ao autor pela disponibilidade. Para ser perfeita só falta adicionar o ç e o ã.

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