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chchln  07.09.2008
hey sean, thank you at first!!
This is my favorite Font...
I talk spanish soo i need it the Ñ!!
and if thats your handwrites its awesome relly i like it!
SoFonty  09.09.2008
knuck if you buckkk
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   22.09.2008
@chchln the font was updated recently with accented characters.
chchln  28.09.2008
:) cheers!
jackcop  28.10.2008
can someone please tell me how to make my own writing with it
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   26.02.2009
there has been some issues with " quotes - i think i've found the problem and will testing a solution in the next few days. i'll then upload a new version of the font.
bree4eva  18.03.2009
this is soo cool good job mate!!
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   20.03.2009
new version now upload with fix to the quotes problem
ily4ever  04.04.2009
Heyy thanks for uploading this. It's one of my favorite fonts. :]
agustinluisbou92  16.04.2009
Please add german letter ß.
cullenism  01.05.2009
lovely :)
jasmine4910  06.05.2009
how do i make the happy face?
Nie  10.05.2009
ooo great font!!!
skanks1234  06.07.2009
how do you "save image as" so you can put your text on your myspace about me
please help me i have been trying to do this for HOURS please please please help me soon!!?
merrrrrin  12.07.2009
idk why, but it wont let me add this to my fonts :S
merrrrrin  12.07.2009
or any of the fonts :S
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   26.07.2009

if you are having trouble installing font

please read this: http://www.dafont.com/faq.php

Lemon  16.08.2009
Amazing Work! I really like it!
But I also do miss the letter ß...
angryoaf  27.08.2009
This is one of my favorite fonts period! Seriously HQ - Thanks Sean
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   04.09.2009

german letter ß has been added :)

oquintas  21.09.2009
turgonmighty  26.09.2009
can u add croatian letters Č芚ŽžĆć ??
lschoppa  24.10.2009
Hi Sean -

I'd like to use your font on a website using Cufon. Is that ok? Basically means I can use your font in editable text.


If you like, I can add a reference/thanks at the bottom of the site.
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   29.12.2009

I'm happy for the font to be embedded in websites
using Cufon or @font-face providing a donation is made

*** Please read the Terms of Use File ***

chegadetedio  30.12.2009
would like to tell Sean that I'm using your source on my site chegadetedio.webnode.com the banner but if you want I shot immediately. You allow me to use his beautiful font?
staceybrown  28.01.2010
Hi. I absolutely love this font and wanted to use it for my not for profit organisation's annual report and was just wondering what the process is to do this?
Stacey Brown
The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne
cdesign542  02.02.2010
Hi Sean,

I would like to use your font as a text element in a client website. It would be done as a graphic element, non-embedded. Please advise.

sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   10.02.2010

Please read the Terms Of Use file in the font
download package.

All your answers are covered in there. :)

ninfakamus  23.02.2010
Hii Sean please help i would like to use this font as a name of my business but i try to dowload and i can not open it, i am not a pc wizard and none is able to guide me please could you give some ideas.
taferz  04.03.2010
Hi Sean, I downloaded your font a while back and I absolutely love it. It's unique and creative. Thanks! (>^_^)> hugZ!
LUCYDIAMOND.  25.03.2010
how do you do the smiley face? i don't see the symbol..
DarkAngel O,o  11.04.2010
Hey! I aboslutely love this font! But how do I get the Smiley face that you have on the font?
huddy23nitz  02.06.2010
wow... the font is very complete !!!
good good job
g.großmann  17.08.2010
Hey Sean,

last week the biggest German magazine for teens was published with a new layout. I hope they have paid you for using your font on their cover: http://twitpic.com/2doevn

Nice Work!
LatinReloaded  14.09.2010
I Really fell in love with this font!!!!
Is very beautiful!!! And popular!!!
Great job!!!
agustinluisbou92  22.09.2010
Could you add Eastern Europe and Turkish characters to this font?
Chuck Norris  19.11.2010
Great work! Epic!

-Chuck Norris
jellycake  16.12.2010
super epic work on hands of sean
san98der  17.12.2010
This is a great font!!!!
thank you man^.^
themiphz  10.02.2011
the file is corrupt T_T
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   10.02.2011
tested on several computers and works fine - can anyone else confirm if corrupt?
!<3K!R5T3N!  29.04.2011
Wait. idk how to use this. im freaking retarded.
justinbmiller  11.06.2011
Just signed up to say I love your font and that I see it EVERYWHERE! I think I even saw it on the side of the new Dish Network vans in the words "Better TV For All."
discoq101  29.12.2011
nice font. like it:)
Rebecca Turpin  10.01.2012
I keep trying to unzip this font and it says it is not valid - I have this trouble a lot with dafont that I don't have with other sites!!
built2spill  23.02.2012
Did you guys do this website? its sick!
built2spill  23.02.2012
livediscounts.com ?
arnaudp  02.03.2012
Hello, how do you get this smiley face (‰) on a macbook ?? Thanks
klynne  08.05.2012
Hello...love this font, how do you type the dog/smile face?
Krysten Tom  29.06.2012
Love your font! Saw it on a Luna Bar today! :)
jessicanicole  04.09.2012
Very beautiful(: Thanks for making it
isa0304  08.09.2012
Love it, but how do u do the weird happy face? ;)
iamtebu  22.10.2012
To get the smiling face in windows press Alt and type 0137
ianelgato  04.04.2013
Thx for your font, i love it.
missnita777  23.02.2014
How do you make SMILEY FACE? There have been a few comments, but I haven't found one that works yet for windows. Can someone please confirm! :) TY!
smugger  12.06.2014
SEAN i request you to say me how to insert smiling facein your font y ur not saying it say please
yannahiga  19.01.2015
Hi Sean,can you please send me the old version? Thank you
YangoThunder  12.05.2015
could this be used for a video game
lombanation  14.05.2017
HI sean, I´ve bought the license for your this font on myfonts.com but in a design for a contest, I´ve modified the shapes of some the letters, and if I ´m not wrong, I need a written permission from you to do that, my question is , How can I get that permission? is that absolutely mandatory? Thks for your answer, by the way I sent an email about it to fonts@niceandripe.com but the mail was rejected. Can you write to me ? to lombanation@gmail.com
Thanks and best regards.
ddrudgler  14.06.2019
Great font. Using it for personal use but still sent you some cash. Thanks for your great work.
MarkusU2019  13.11.2019
Hey, I would like to use this font as a part of a brand logo. Which license do I have to buy?
Btw, great font.
sean23uk  Autor von Hand of Sean   20.01.2020
To buy commercial license please read the description and/or the READ MY file int he font demo download.

BUY FROM: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/sean-johnson/hand-of-sean-pro/
rotbart  01.10.2021
Hi Sean,
Hand of Sean is one of the best fonts - authentic and realistic, well thought out, carefully edited, and free for personal use too. Dear Sean, thank you very much for your generosity!
Many greetings from Germany
jntang  21.11.2021
Hi Sean, I would like to use this font for my business logo. Is the licensing cover this usage?

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