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dhanter  08.11.2006
Mate, this font is really a masterpiece! I must get your e-mail adress, need to talk to you 'bout sth ;) Mine is nergoth@o2.pl Contact me as soon as possible, please.
Tobias73  07.03.2007
great !
Can I have your e-mail adress please? I must talk to you as I would like to put the police on the book of my band.
Uniqueads  17.05.2007
Sweet font I would love to use this for a job. Please email me.
POINT  18.09.2008
Could you give me your e-mail adress please? I need a police for a offical job.
DRKXTC  17.02.2011
to the person who created this font i really like it and i am currently designing my own clothing brand and was wondering what i would need to do to be able to use it on some tshirts email me brycegobryce@hotmail.com
zedhoe  Autor von haAJJA   01.03.2011
Hey everybody!

It was a long time ago i made this font so i dont have my mail left that i used to make my account on Dafont.com.

If you have any questions regarding this font you can email me at antlundstrom1@gmail.com

Regards Anton.

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