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StreetLingaz  10.10.2008
This is a good, clean font. Good work. I like it.
dafo  Autor von Goca Logotype Beta   16.10.2008
remember, this is only a beta version... I will upload one with a better kerning later on ;)
dafo  Autor von Goca Logotype Beta   04.02.2009
I don't know if the font will be ready, because I am unfortunately rather busy at the moment... But if the time comes, I hope to make a version 2. of this (;
AYEJAY  06.05.2010
Awesome Font. I am currently using it in a logo i have created. Cheers
Engelby  14.07.2010
Kerning is the 80 % of the job :-) En rigtig cool font, herlig minimalistisk :-)
Veronique8  06.06.2013
Wonderful font, thank´s a lot. I used it in a nice Logo already! ;)

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