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extate  06.06.2006
Great! Are really author of this font is you? Wow!
danielpoeira  11.05.2007
Very pretty, and public domain too! Thanks a lot...
Microsoft Fonts  12.07.2008
How many people are gonna rip off the classic Times New Roman?! That was our font, you don't need to make it slightly rounder, or use small caps. It looks fine as it is. And that's no excuse to rip off others like Arial and Courier New!!


Benny A.
Neil D  21.04.2009
No, they do. With all due respect to Times New Roman, Gentium is a lovely font in its own right. It looks good, not better or worse, but good in a different way than TNR. The small caps really look wonderful. Thanks for a lovely font!
This font is not Times New Roman. Period. It is much prettier and looks better on a computer screen (I haven't printed anything with this font, yet, so I can't say whether it looks better in print). It is similar, but when the two fonts are view side-by-side, they are very obviously different. I'll take this over TNR any day.

I also like that it includes so many of the special characters. Most downloaded fonts (and even many default fonts) don't have many special characters, and, as I play neopets (I'm a nerd, I know it...) and there is this odd (but aesthetically pleasing) trend of replacing letters with special characters in your neosignature, and I'm pretty much limited to the default fonts if I want to do that. This font has /tons/ of special characters to use, and I love it. It is definitely a great font.
thebrunorocha  02.06.2011
@Microsoft Fonts

Yes, take a serif font and say it's Times New Roman. You are really a professional. You might as well remember that Arial is a rip off of Helvetica. Please, go be stupid elsewhere.

Just so you can shut your mouth, the terminals on the letter "G" are different from the ones in Times, also, the letter "e" in times is a lot more "pointy". Also, the t from times new roman is completely different from this one. Gosh, this font is just so different from Times New Roman I could spend the whole day telling you why.
thebrunorocha  02.06.2011
Also, the classic serif font is elzevir, Times is just spread out by windows. And SIL, thank you, your fonts are great, you know really well how to not only design the font, but to align them perfectly and so on. Thank you!!
matteoguazzone  16.11.2015
Hello, I did not understand in the license, if I can use it or not!
I'd use this font for commercial use (magazine), is it possible? Please contact me:
conque  18.12.2021
Hi! This is amazing font! Can I use for commercial use? (logos, websites, print etc.) Please reply! Thank you.

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