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sexyjohn4u  30.07.2007
this font look hot but how can i put it on a picture ?
marty666  31.07.2007
sexyjohn maybe you should have a look at the HELP section...
tl-fonts  31.07.2007
This font is almost a direct copy of the font Defeqto
sixtys-child  01.08.2007
This is a brilliant font for all you scrapbookers out there. I am newly registered here but have often downloaded fonts with out any trouble.
marty666  02.08.2007
tl-fonts> this font is on dafont since something like 2 years ago, a long time before Defecto was born... It's on the "news" page , because the license changed : it was a demo font, now it's a "free for personnal use font".
Compared with the Defekto, i think this one looks really nice and finished
i hate twats  30.10.2007
i hate goths they are a bunch of twats
04marshallk  19.11.2007
i tink who eva sed goths r twats needs 2 die coz there aint nofin wrong wid us we r just different xoxo
johanaufa  27.05.2008
if i want to use this font for logo brand , may i know how much is thecopyright fee?
gengkermit  15.07.2008
Thanks for your font. It's cool.
RAS-UTOPIA  02.01.2010
ola ,esta fuente esta muy bien lograda , saludos hermano
SpaceOctopus  24.12.2012
LOL at 04marshallk....either he's a troll...or fucking retarded.... A. Goths aren't different. They're the same. They're the same as each other and the same as everyone else; trying to be something instead of just being a person.
B. A "goth" would never type like that or say something like that. Moron.
marvin moran  13.06.2013
hey me gusta esta fuente (y)

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