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metaphasebrothel  26.11.2016
Caveras, I find, in most of your fonts, a lack of consistency in the amount of space between glyphs. It's excessive in Filaia, and insufficient in most others. Your designs are nice. The display in text, particularly at small point sizes, would be so much more appealing if you paid more attention to the left and right side bearing positions.

Caveras  Autor von Filgaia   30.11.2016
metaphasebrothel, thanks for your comment!

The reason for this perceived lack of consistency you talk about is that I model those fonts exactly after how they appear in the games they originate from.

So, if the font has inconsistent spacing between letters, it's because the font appears that way in the respective game as well. I could "correct" those things when creating the fonts, but I don't want to.

These fonts are meant to be used on images and things where you can freely work with the fonts in terms of positioning and such. They are not meant to be used for long texts and such, where the spacing might produce less beautiful results.

If you noticed a lack of consistency with respect to how the fonts appear in the original games, feel free to leave another comment, though, and thanks again! =)

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