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Azurii  17.10.2008
Les textures... C'est juste incroyable~
La quantité de détails est très impressionnant!
hazy  21.09.2009
Bbfreeze  25.09.2009
I really love this font! However, I don't think I would be using it too often because it's so detailed and complex. Amazing though - great job!
bornfree  28.02.2010
great font :)
Quetzal  31.03.2010
incredibilmente bella! è davvero meravigliosa
Wow its beautiful! Thanks for letting us use it :)
ProfAGoodman  17.04.2012
The problem with this absolutely gorgeous font is that these capital letters correspond to lower case letters on the keyboard. I wish the author would put them in twice -- as capital letters and as lowercase letters. When I try to create a style in InDesign to use these as drop caps, I have to then change every paragraph to begin with a lowercase letter.
Tonyia  24.05.2016
Awesome. Thanks for letting us use,
nelsoncancio  28.07.2017
Is this okay to use in commercial?

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