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RAS-UTOPIA  07.08.2010
untitled512  11.08.2010
very nice/funky font!! i cant seem to download this font!! how much does it cost??
B15  Autor von El&Font Urban Calligraphy   14.11.2010
For the use of my font, I claim 20€ of rights payable to my paypal account little-chips@hotmail.fr and receipt payement, I will send you an email to confirm the use my font.

Thank you for the interest of my work, regards Jerome.
M1Giannotti  04.08.2011
Love the font but it won't install like the others on my macbook! Please help!
b124  07.12.2014
this doesn't work on mac!
B15  Autor von El&Font Urban Calligraphy   31.01.2015
Sorry but I'm working on PC, so I can not help you
EPK808  07.05.2015
Could I use for commercial use??
chan2  09.12.2015
Love this font! I want to use your work
How can i send money to you? please let me know
Vlad tattoo  07.01.2018
Nao funcionou aqui no meu word triste
sxntimxnt  12.02.2020
numbers and special characters don't work:(

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