Dock 11

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alexlabbe  26.10.2011
Hi! I am interested in using this font for commercial use. Can you contact me please?
gretchen9.0  Autor von Dock 11   28.12.2011
you can find the professional version at myfonts:

best, edgar
SierraNM  15.01.2012
Hi! I had a question about buying your font, and decided it couldn't hurt to ask. Would it be possible for me to enter a contest with this font, without paying, and if I by any chance I win, pay afterwards? I really would rather not buy the font if I didn't win, (Not to be rude, sorry if that sounds offensive)because the chances of me using it twice are close to none due to the personality/character of the font. I can even send you the link for the site, and the logo as well. I understand if you'd feel more comfortable with me paying before hand, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks.:)
egar08c8  09.04.2013
This is possibly one of my favorite fonts... it works with almost anything, love it!
monicasillasb  23.02.2016
Hi! I would like to use this font for commercial use. Can you contact me at
jpuerto12  23.04.2016
Thinking about to use it for commercial purposes. Please contact me at
dooslek  17.06.2016
isn't this Pyrocynical's main font?
Nice job!
(great font too)

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