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KlaDiMu  10.10.2011

nice font, is this free for commercial use?

Thanks for Answer!
lemonad  Autor von Days   13.10.2011
Soniclight  12.04.2012
Nice rounded variation of the modern bold look. Thank You :)
fipsomat  01.05.2013

really cool font. Can I use this font as a logo type for commercial use? Do I have to attribute the author in my logo?

Thanks for Answer!
srg412  27.05.2013
is this font free for commerical use?
lemonad  Autor von Days   28.05.2013
sarikosta  12.08.2013

I like Days font. Can I have your permission to use it commercially.

Peaksandbanks  20.02.2016
We also like this font and would like to use if for out logo. Is this acceptable to you? Also, I am having issues with the font being recognized by non Mac apps (like office and Adobe Illustrator). Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,
LuluInTheSky1.0  23.03.2018
Hi, I would like to use this font for a logo. Please, can you let me know what the commercial usage rights and permissions/conditions are for this font? Contact back at

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