Dawning of a New Day

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borgulas  27.03.2011
Very nice. Only the 'o' looks a bit like an 'a'.
racheljean  21.07.2011
I absolutely love this font. I initially found it on another website, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. I ended up using it for my wedding programs and in a tattoo I have.
NikkiGirl8  21.08.2012
Thank you ;-)
leavesofmytree  06.04.2013
I love this font. I use it often! Are you aware that yoplait.com is using this on their website?
alissanoel  19.06.2013
Hello Kimberly! I am interested in using this font for some artist merch. I want to design typography posters promoting my music and I may even want to use this font on an album cover. What would you consider fair compensation for this? I can donate to you on this page, but I want to make sure I give you what you deserve. You are an artist too after all!!
SloanePeterson  02.03.2014
This is an awesome and beautiful font.
Lenahama  01.09.2016
I feel like its my own handwriting. Loves the big letters and how my name looks with it.
Capucine  01.01.2018

When Im downloading the font, the point for the i disappear. Did you already have this problem ? Do you know how to solve it ? Thanks a lot!

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