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Vincent_Berg  20.01.2019
This seems like false advertising. You list it as "100% Free", but in the description you state "this font free for personal use." which is definitely NOT 100% free (that term refers to free for personal, commercial, web and ebook uses).

As It is, I'm not sure I can trust ANY of your fonts and I'm tempted to put your name on my 'do not use under ANY circumstances" list. :( If you weren't clear what the term referred to, I'd fix it immediately, lest you earn yourself a bad reputation with the dafont users who actively purchase font licenses.
typefar  Autor von Curtina   20.01.2019
Hello ... this is the mistake of our team, our team wrote the description incorrectly, it should be 100% free. Thank you for the correction. We will update it. thank you

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