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GraphicsLad69  01.04.2016
I find this font quite offensive as I am lactose intolerant.
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   01.04.2016
I'm Sorry, I will make a lactose-free version for you :P
HeyItsElle  02.04.2016
How can I make the beautiful "and" with the lines in the middle appear?
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   02.04.2016
Just type in the '&' :)
Qwerks  04.04.2016
This is going to be SO popular! Thanks very much for the free file.
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   04.04.2016
Thanks, thats very kind of you :)
Vincent78 ZER  04.04.2016
Ou sont les cookies et le lait bordel à queue!!!!!
Vincent78 ZER  04.04.2016
trés belle typos au fait j'ai télechargé
peachteaandpaper  06.04.2016
this is gorgeous! thank you so much. i used it in one of my colouring pages here and did credit you :)
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   06.04.2016
Thanks :) looking very good :)
Chloe5972  06.04.2016
What a gorgeous font !!
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   15.04.2016
Thank you!
magikmanu  23.04.2016
@Vincent78 ZER lol :)
withloveforjoy  30.04.2016
great font! is it free to use outside of personal use?
Oh mercy!  09.05.2016
i love it!!i love it so much!
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   10.05.2016
Thank you! I love it that you love it. :)
@withloveforjoy yes you can use this font also in your commercial projects.
Meyschi7  17.05.2016
Perfect for that awesome font. Are there numbers included in the full version? :)
Meyschi7  17.05.2016
*Thanks for that awesome font
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   18.05.2016
@Meyschi7 yup, there are :) The full version and the full family are available on my website: Thanks.
kristymwright  20.02.2017
I just started working from home, could I use your font to make a few items to sell on etsy? I love it!
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   20.02.2017
Sure, you can buy a commercial license here: :)
ztwo  24.03.2017
Great little font, came across this purely by error, would like to use this in the future on creative projects, all licenses purchsed. Thank you very much.
Daisygirljoy  25.05.2017
I love your fonts but they're the only ones I've found that say "font is invalid" when I try to Download them. Such a bummer, you are so talented.
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   26.05.2017
@Daisygirljoy I'm very sorry about that! So far you're the only one who seems to have that problem.. You can try download it on our website: :)
rachelrenee16  04.04.2018
Hi! I love this font but am having troubles using it in Acrobat Reader. Any suggestions? Thanks!
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   15.04.2018
@rachelrenee16 Thank you for using my font! Have you bought the full version? This would include an OTF version which should resolve this problem.
BellaCakes  08.07.2018
I downloaded and tried to install it. It says it’s invalid. :( I really like this font.
phitradesign  Autor von Cookies & Milk   13.07.2018
Hey @BellaCakes I'm sorry you're experiencing these issues. Drop me a mail at and I will send you the full version for free. Sorry for the inconvenience.
CaptainG15  25.01.2019
Please make numbers and other stuff for this font. I love the font

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