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mely010  28.02.2020
how do I use the extended o?
Onne  Autor von Comebro   29.02.2020
Type this : o_3- or o_2- or do_1-
These extra swash build by ligature (an underscore, a number and a hypen).
This version has 3 extra swashes ( _1-, _2-, _3- ). Unfortunately dafont's previewer box doesn't support this feature so we can't test it in here.
In the full version there are ten extra swashes like this and can be used in or after the words.

For the o on the image preview, that is alternate, it is an open type feature, only available in the full version of this font
miramar  13.05.2020
I would like to use this font for a design I'm going to publish. How much would it cost?
Onne  Autor von Comebro   25.05.2020
Hi, Miramar
What kind of design?

Sorry for low response, Maybe you can mail me at for quick response

Thank you

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