Cinnamon Cake

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HelloFonts  30.12.2011
Wow, i jsut like this font Keep going !
akosiKARLU  05.02.2012
can i use?
reerocks  17.03.2012
how can you get this kind of font on like your tumblr or something? i've tried everything, please help! x
NikkiGirl8  21.08.2012
Thank you ;-)
Chloe5972  03.09.2012
gorgeous ! perfect form digiscrap
LatinReloaded  20.10.2012
It's one of the most beautiful fontsthat I ever seen!
CovertBazinga  19.12.2012
Love, love, love this font! Great job. Where can I find out how to use it on a project that I would like to sell?
sometimes aislinn  Autor von Cinnamon Cake   21.12.2012
Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! All you need to do to use the font commercially is donate $5.
lovewinsoverglamour  08.06.2013
This font is so great I love using it on my edits this is a great font!!!! :)
thejuniperberrie  29.01.2016
I will definitely be donating to use it commercially! Thanks so much! I love it!

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