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FrancoRango  18.12.2007
klggrant  07.01.2011
Very classy. Thanks.
terriallard26  05.11.2011
very nice with the snow flakes
bpair  04.11.2018
Just FYI on this font - the font is listed as 100% Free above the download button; however, when you go to the download it the creator has included a text expressing that it is in fact not free for commercial use. I am new to Dafonts and my understanding of 100% Free was that it was free for both personal and commercial use. If I am wrong, please correct me. Otherwise, just be aware of the discrepensy for this font.
Catrina Stewart  30.05.2020
This is not a free font. Shame on you.
Lance23  02.07.2021
It's very interesting font!
stewf  16.08.2021
If you’re looking for a flake-free version of this font, the original typeface is Caslon Open Face:
Sassyshiplap  12.09.2021
Hi. I would like to use this for commercial use. Please let me know if this is ok. Thank you!

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