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intoxified  21.06.2006
so cute! :)
lilshortyy  25.06.2006
bbyvietsta  28.08.2006
cute. very cute (:
trinket  22.10.2006
Cute! :D
cazisdabest  10.12.2006
*Great!* :)
exoh_exoh_mwah  02.01.2007
i love this font!!!
littleyes  22.01.2007
i love this font!!! is the best!!! thank you font-a-licious
xx-mille  05.02.2007
This font is SO cute! :D I love it <3
anythagrape  08.02.2007
lovee it
SweetRevenge  16.02.2007
Awesome! =]]
j!GokU sHoUJo  25.02.2007
A cute and nice font to use ^^ Great!
feathertail124  27.03.2007
this font is sooo cooool!
i'll be using it a lot probably...
HappyEmo  02.04.2007
-uses for myspace graphicz- thankies :]
Cherries123  11.04.2007
This is just 2 cute!!! >_< o^3^o
3tailer  16.04.2007
DipperDipper  17.04.2007
Cabrade  22.04.2007
Trop beau félicitations !!!!
caressmedown223  27.04.2007
awe, this is wonderful
i like it alot.
L4YD33 T33  07.05.2007
yeh thiis iis my fave too :D x
MelissaTeen  06.06.2007
its awsommee!
claudiawalkitout  24.07.2007
I love this font! It's so cute!
rafarabelo  29.07.2007
Eu simplismente...
amoo essa fonte

e a minha favorita
ela e maravilhosa
rafarabelo  29.07.2007
xOxVictoriaxOx  31.07.2007
Such a cute font!
good job Font-a-licious
Cristiina  23.08.2007
es perfecta!!!

sorry dont speak english
Cristiina  24.08.2007
me haces una font?
DougiePoynterLuvahh  16.09.2007

How U Use It Though? :D
93vintage  28.09.2007
very cute!
CraziiBaybeeh  30.09.2007
Isnt it cute i use it for alot of things

do you guys have bebo?
add me

thats meee
CraziiBaybeeh  04.10.2007
ShaSha326  07.11.2007
i love this font 2 but uhhhh im on bebo and i wanna no hoe do i use this font....??????/

love always spindarella
webe  24.11.2007
alyandajluva  03.12.2007
I love it! Do I have to buy it or can I just download it???
beckykit14  04.12.2007
an11_0  04.12.2007
Trop beau.
jazZstaR  20.12.2007
This font is georgeus! It is definitly one of my favourites on the site!
kRiZiA  04.02.2008
the best font of the wOrld :)
princess01  23.02.2008
lol thanks
6666  02.04.2008
i love the little heart (so cute)
pinmetal13  11.04.2008
lauren90  19.04.2008
great font!!!!!!!!!
Beiittaaa  09.05.2008
I am charmed with this letter!! But since(as,like) can I do to stoop it? A kiss
Angie_bby  14.05.2008
this is super kute but i dont know how to use it!?!? lol
fernandox3  23.05.2008
lexielove  30.05.2008
aha,i love itt!(:♥:)
LittleGirly1999  03.06.2008
is this free for the members?
franchfry622  26.06.2008
love the font. u no wat, is such a gud website!!!!!!! =P
the heart is soooo cute =D
Maple  13.07.2008 cute
ruffell  16.07.2008
Pure guava  24.07.2008
My teacher uses this ALL THE TIME its her favorite font ever!
cindayy  09.08.2008
i likke it!!
maleah96  15.08.2008
kutte!!!!!!! love it =]
camila101  16.08.2008
a very cute font i'm sure all kinds of little girls will use this for everything they can think of very fun and sweet.
oblishark1  22.08.2008
ooooo very goddd
Kyianna  23.08.2008
o wow! i <3 it!
haandy  25.08.2008
sthaa qOnmadrree esthaa letrraass
shadow10bl  01.09.2008
kateis2cute4u  13.09.2008
This is soo cool! How do you use it on your e-mail and stuff though?
Jaderulzzz  15.09.2008
I love this font its the BEST !!!!!!! my friend uses it all the tme!!!!!!!
jawi  19.09.2008
maryfairyrose02  18.10.2008
cutest font EVER. i totally <3 it!
Raylany  23.10.2008
♥ Lindaa..
XxXEmXxX  26.10.2008
Aww its so cute.
sagii  30.12.2008
esta chida pero no la se fajar jojo
the cangri niko  11.01.2009
ta wena pero como la bajo
Shaheda  15.01.2009
WOOOOOOW !! This Is Amazing.. I'm Sooo Impressed.. Ima Use This For All Of My Work !! I Am Soooo Happy That I Found A Site Like This Or I Would Get No Where In Life :D x
Criiztiinaa  07.02.2009
liindiiziimooo <3
AlinaCourtney  08.02.2009
I loved this (:
But I'm bored of he.Is pretty,but..that is me! (:
mickeyygx3  16.02.2009
i love this fonttt!
koloh  16.02.2009
sweetsyl  06.03.2009
wowwww dema chiva
fabb_abb  16.03.2009
this is a heaps cool font but i cant download it
Addrifunk  16.03.2009
I'd like to use this font in the logo of my company. Quick response needed. My email is: Thank you.
DaBigCheeze  28.03.2009
It's nice but why the heart over the i? xD
JaaaaaamieeDarling  09.05.2009
i luff this fonnnnt.♥
its soo cuuute lolz.
LuvLuvWebkinzLuvLuv  10.05.2009
i love this font cheri and cheri liney cute font very cute
Mélissa Désiré  18.05.2009
trop dar cette ecriture ;)
mandi62897  23.05.2009
This cont is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥
baticarp  31.05.2009
Como hago para ponerla en la foto , respondan en castellano por favor
Chloe5342  23.06.2009
this font is so cool i would so loved to of created this font
Chloe5342  23.06.2009
so cute (L) :)
LupiiTaaH  24.06.2009
im maxican
ictstudent  06.07.2009
hello andd thanks you for using the name cheri i know alot of friends called cheri, and im sure they will all be very happy to see there names on who ever created this site is a GENIOUS, i love you
Will1  06.07.2009
Hello this is Tom bentley chilling on a school computer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the person who made this font. you are a living legend mate. thanks again for helping my work with a georgous font :)
loves all around (L)
SelGomezRocks  18.07.2009
I love this writing, it rocks but I can't download any single fonts that actually work. Can someone help me with this?
kmg  24.07.2009
iis thee beesst:D
morganamaya  25.07.2009
ii liike iit♥
jimda  18.08.2009
Jessloveshugh  21.08.2009
I love this font its so cute :) Ilovehugh
Jessloveshugh  21.08.2009
hahahaha i commented :)ilovehugh
Brisingr  22.08.2009
LOL same. I like it. OHH I just commented. OHH yeah. LOL. um ah i am hypo. am .i um. yeah
superheros81  03.09.2009
what the fuck
cookiegirl13  07.09.2009
Hey! luv it! and i was wondering how u can copy and paste it to like wordpad and stuff. i need to know! thanks! :)
mebeafontmaker:D  08.10.2009
tbolding442  28.10.2009
wayy adorablee.
i loveee* this fonttt. ;D
Danrangl  18.12.2009
I love the font its cute!!
blackrunner  23.01.2010
It great font
Demilovato891  03.02.2010
Love the font!
Pi Luo  22.02.2010
100th comment :)
thu cuttie  25.02.2010
SOO CUTEEE <333 it
Hannah.  19.03.2010
It's an amazing font.
but I cant use it..
I dont know why ;/
SiMiley  28.04.2010
This is a font the best i love it!!!
Life Insurance  27.09.2010
Best for Valentine's Day I recon :))
Dragon200  03.10.2010
Thats very cool font, Like very much.
nicholebjornsson  04.04.2011
chescaleigh  15.06.2011
something is wrong with this font. the characters don't match those typed. it's very frustrating :( someone please correct this error
DreamworldxX  09.08.2011
ich hab das gedownloaded aber wie benutze ich das zB in videos? check ich nicht -.-
fontlover1110  15.08.2011
OMG i want to download it!!!
it is sooooooooooooooo cute!!
i gonna ask my brother to download it
ps: this is my bor com :0
lamdad  11.09.2011
bidris13  20.11.2011
ya get me
your sexy
on ma jetski
xHenni  23.11.2011
This font is so cute! :)
Wow, it's SOOOO cute! I'd would use this font for a Valentines Day card for Jack (Samurai Jack that is)! <3 And most of the symbol characters are nothing but hearts with F & F (Fontalicious fonts) in them.
Man, everytime I see some letters only fonts & fonts with only the characters on the keyboard, they should be edited with more characters!
laski lou lah  11.02.2012
my friend goes nuts about this one
allyson1  13.05.2012
i love this font
jamier  10.08.2012
sexy is the word for this one!
martu herrera  17.10.2012
es muy linda lastima que yo no sea igual-.-
saludos a cordoba
Elfie_♫♥  21.10.2012
Oh it's so cute :D
CacauDollars  18.11.2012
Chachi !!!!!!!!!
isa0304  19.11.2012
Best. Font. Ever! So cute! :D
pixie_princezz  03.12.2012
This font is so cute! i just downloaded it. this is just wat i need!THX U! im gonna use it!xDDDDDDDDDDD

Shey1011  07.08.2013
disculpen mi ignorancia... pero como puedo utilizar la fuente...???
kred  13.04.2014
Cheri os in fact one of my favourite special fonts
kasey.morton223  23.09.2014
Awsome :):) ;) lov the person
Gelöschter Benutzer 815886  06.11.2014
beautiful :)
GracieJoyJoy  02.12.2015
It is good but downloaded all black with no inner white bit.
GracieJoyJoy  02.12.2015
Nevermind just did the wrong one... CUTEST FONT EVAA!
SAZZA  12.01.2017
Hello. Can I please use your beautiful font for our cat rescue group logo. They are a registered charity and all money raised goes towards the cats 100%.
DezierHolmes  12.02.2019
Can I use this font for my YouTube banner? Just starting my channel just wanna make sure it’s considered personal use
TargetX  05.11.2020
Looking to procure the rights to this font. Please respond ASAP.
NIAMHCABLE  04.04.2021
Hi, please may I may this font

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