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metaphasebrothel  02.03.2014
I like this a lot, particularly the numbers. One suggestion: the lower portion of the vertical serif on the cross stem of the E, in both upper and lower case, would look better if it was the same length that you used for the F.
GarrowGlitch  Autor von Cash Currency   02.03.2014
Thank you for that. didnt even notice. input is much appreciated!
Do you have a version of this font that has larger gaps between the lines? I love this font style, but it's not showing up too well in a smaller size.
aldrichb5  25.01.2016
I can not seem to find the symbol to use for 7 with the wording embedded into the number.

Help- Where can I find this symbol?
GarrowGlitch  Autor von Cash Currency   13.02.2016
just copy the symbol from a webpage :D
Patou2329  17.05.2016
I'm from Québec and i was wondering if it's possible to have accents like é è ê ï à ....
Thank you very much, i really love it.
kiel814  22.05.2017
Similar request as Patou2329, I would really love to have á, é, í, ó, ú and Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú.
This is to write in Spanish as I am from Argentina.
ü and Ü would also be nice to have, but not as important.
Would it be possible for you to create them? Thanks!
MarshaDeane  13.11.2017
I would like to use this font for my small business. How much is the donation for commercial use? Thanks.

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