Candy Cane

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chatterbaby  13.08.2006
It is a very cute font, which is very usefull for christmas cards ect.
It would be good if you had one called " fairy floss"
Camila Novis  18.06.2007
is very cute !!
i love chritmas!!
and candy! i'm love this candy cane ! very good this is very cute!!!! I LOVE CANDY CANE!
kisses Camila Noviis ! of brazil!
cromwellandlucy  15.09.2007
yooooouuuu copied tht
u lier ive seen it sme were elze and i no they dindt cpy it they made IT
jessica77  21.10.2007
what do you mean they copied it?
probably it's the same person.
I love it.
joannaa.badman  18.12.2008
i want it on my comp but i cant have it=[=[=[=[=[=[=[
ManpreetB  15.01.2009
Whoaaa Dis Is Soooo Cool Man...
I Jus Dnt No Wah 2 Say...
Out Ov Control...
Wicked... SpaceGirl x
toriamath  09.06.2009
I'm gonna use this for my Christmas cards in December :)

Isabella P.  22.07.2009
This font can be really nice if she have accents, and the dot.
abobeck11  07.02.2010
It needs a 3D overlapping texture or something.
heyyitsabbygail  11.11.2010
Cute and simple font!
charlenegraces02  03.04.2011
This is a kind of font I'm looking's cute..candies eh?
This is such a cute font I love how you made it look like they are candy canes
Michel_Bujardet  01.06.2012
I appreciate your commentaries.

Of cours, cromwellandlucy must have had a terrible handover after posting their venum, but I did create this font. Proof is, paradoxycally, that it has not be copied since 2007 ,^)

The evaluation version you have here does not contain punctuation and accents. If you feel like acquiring the complete font, please have a look at my site :

I shall post an update soon.


Michel Bujardet
Electronic Type Designer
hello6898655  03.07.2012
love this font :-) great for christmas cards :-)
Lauriec  21.12.2012
Your website isn't working.
skittles4779  29.08.2013
is there a way to make this red and green?
Lauriec  10.10.2013
I would love to buy the font for commercial use but your website isn't working.
alextby  12.12.2014
Wonderful font. Makes me think about christmas and childhood...
CoolText  04.10.2015
opopop  24.11.2015
Candy Canes even a Type 1 Diabetic can appreciate! Very fun and in the spirit of Christmas, my favorite holiday!
Sanoo  13.02.2016
..... Like!!
hmein  10.11.2016
I don't see explanations for the license part. Shareware? 100% free? I want to make sure I don't use them on products I sell if it isn't allowed.

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