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SoFonty  09.09.2008
great for card decorations!!!
kiwibirdgirly  11.09.2008
is cool
mookage  22.09.2008
this is insane i like the design of it
how did you do it!
sandeepalag  28.09.2008
elegant font yaar
liddlelude  10.10.2008
This font looks great! Checked out your website too, good job, it's also looks great!
big baby  14.10.2008
LOVE IT!!!!!
gulana94  09.11.2011
I downloaded this font about a week ago. I love it its very pretty except for one small problem. Dont know why or how. But its missing 3 letters. I am missing capital I J K. Really weird.
gulana94  09.11.2011
Guess I should of looked at the file closer. The letters are missing on purpose.

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