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albascoco  08.04.2016
Hi! Can I use this for a little commercial T Shirt project of mine? my email is allenbascoco@gmail.com. Thanks!
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   08.04.2016
Yes, it's free for commercial use.
Jonnewman1122  10.05.2016
Hello you mentioned the desktop licence doesn't cover web? Would it be possible to use the font for our University degree show website?
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   11.05.2016
Mmmmaybe. Contact me here and we'll discuss. http://typodermicfonts.com/contact/
patrickanderson84  22.06.2017
What happen to the "N"?
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   26.06.2017
It's too pointy?
rianchochochiko  20.03.2018
great font..thank you so much
AZ_DESIGN  06.04.2018

Is it free to use such as t-shirts on redbubble, merch by amazon websites.

Thank you.
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   08.04.2018
Yep, it's free to use for everything you described.
Almaan  08.08.2018
Hey Can I use this font for a YouTube video?
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   11.08.2018
The free license allows unlimited use on YouTube.
henry23  08.05.2020
Hello, can I use that font for commercial purposes?
Please send confirmation to gb8488@naver.com
Thanks a lot.
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   10.05.2020
Yes, it's free for commercial use. There's some information included with the font.
김형준  15.10.2020
광고 상업용으로 무료 사용해도 되겠습니까?
bds01087@gmail.com 으로 확인 부탁드립니다.
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   18.10.2020
예, 상업용으로 무료입니다. 세부 사항은 글꼴에 포함되어 있습니다.
JanineFeli  25.10.2020
Hello typodermic! Great font.
Can I use this font for different commercial Instagram-Templates? Thanks!
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   25.10.2020
Sure, it's no problem.
B.K.F  04.06.2021
Hi! I have a school project where i have to design a poster for a theatre play, i've been wondering if I can use this font, the purpose of the poster is to hang it at the door of the theatre and places around, maybe posting it online (official instagram account of the school or the website), would it be okay?
B.K.F  04.06.2021
With places around I mean maybe some local stores or the townhall, I dont know if there is some mistakes, I apologize for my english.
B.K.F  04.06.2021
Ah yes, they will have to pay to watch the play, that's why I a m asking, sorry I dont know how to edit comments.
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   05.06.2021
It's no problem: Built Titling includes a free commercial use license that covers what you described.
B.K.F  06.06.2021
Hey! I am very grateful, you helped me a lot, have a great day!
tony1909  11.12.2021
Ciao, it's possible to register my trademark with your font?
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   12.12.2021
Hi Tony, yes, it's no problem.
DaniSahne  16.12.2021
Hallo:-) die Schriftart ist toll. Ich würde Ihre Schrift gerne kommerziell verwenden. Ist es erlaubt daraus ein Mandala-Alphabet (zum ausmalen) zu gestalten? Viele liebe Grüße Dani
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   16.12.2021
Vielen Dank. Es ist kein Problem; viel glück bei deinem projekt.
onbreaker  18.12.2021
Hello, Your font is awesome! Can I use your font for commercial logo font? Please send confirmation to onbreaker@naver.com
DaniSahne  18.12.2021
Super, dankeschön :-) Schöne Feiertage für Sie und Ihre Familie.
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   19.12.2021
Thank you. Yes, it can be used for a logo for commercial use.
Bercianando  02.07.2022
Hi, your font is amazing!
Can I use your font for logo? It is non-commercial, just for University's design studing assignment. Please tell me wether it is possible or not, mjuncraft@naver.com
(Sorry, if my comment is bad, I'm not good at English.)
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   04.07.2022
Yes, it can be used for a logo. Info is included with the fonts.
Lalaluma  22.07.2023
Hello!! Just wanna ask if this is okay to use in designing a ticket, advertisement(posters, flyers) or for graphic design in general? Ill be posting up some posters and giving out flyers. I don't want to overstep the license. (the ticket is just for fun not really anything serious just want to create a fan created ticket) thank you!!
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   02.08.2023
It's absolutely no problem. Details are included with the font.
NekoD.exxe Arts  12.11.2023
Hello, my artist name is NekoD.exxe Arts, and I wanted to ask if I can use the font to make my logo, but I want to sell commissions and put my logo on these, would there be a problem if I use the font for that purpose?

I apologize for my poor writing and English.
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   13.11.2023
Yes, you can use our font for your logo. This includes using your logo on commissions or anything you sell. You're free to use our font for your work, including selling your art with the logo on it.
FoxRux  03.12.2023
hi can i use it in my web site for dropshipping
typodermic  Autor von Built Titling   04.12.2023
Built Titling, the special all-caps version of the Built typeface, comes with a complimentary desktop license that allows for its free commercial use in static designs and print materials. However, if you wish to use it directly on your website, such as for headings, body text, or other web elements, you would need a web license.

For web embedding purposes, you will need to purchase a license for the regular version of Built, which includes lowercase letters. This version of the font can be licensed for web use, allowing you to embed it on your website.

To acquire a web license for the regular version of Built, please visit the font page on the Typodermic Fonts website. There, you'll find information and links to vendors from whom you can purchase the necessary license.


If you want to learn more about web embedding licenses, you can find out here: https://typodermicfonts.com/license/

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the licensing process, please feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
Raymond Larabie, Typodermic Fonts Inc.

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