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leethom73  12.12.2014

Please could I have a quote for use in commercial Print and eBook titles?

Thanks a lot
Milajone  12.11.2015

Is it OK if I use this font for commercial logo design?

Please email me at

Best regards!
saradougz  13.06.2016
Is it OK if I use this font for commercial merch design?

Please email
jdw88  06.07.2016
This font says 100%. Am I ok to use for commercial use please?
Please let me know as soon as you can at
Thank you
jdw88  06.07.2016
100% free*
andrea_noack  04.11.2016
i like to use it is it ok to use commerciell?
kgohlke  11.04.2017
I see that it has been asked, but I didn't see an answer. Can this font be used for commercial purposes?

kpack  14.11.2018
Hi. We'd like to use this font for commercial purposes. Can you please confirm that this font is clear to be used commercially, worldwide? Any limitations or restrictions?

Many thanks in advance!
kpack  14.11.2018
Sorry! Neglected to add email address for 'kpack' question.
JamesDeanOHW  20.03.2019
Hi, we'd like to use this font for short-term commercial purposes. It says 100% free... Please email


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