Blood Omen

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claudiaxa7x  03.06.2006
Nice :)
fontcritic  04.10.2007
fontcritic  04.10.2007
may i use this in a school project for my high school graphic communication class
fontcritic  04.10.2007
email me if i can or cannot
lukecutforth  22.08.2009
Hello. My name is Luke Cutforth from a film company called CJ Cinematics.

Would it be okay to use this font in our upcoming film "The Faces of Blood". You will get full credit in the credits in both cinemas, and on TV.

Please email me a response to my email address.

Thank you
k9e  24.06.2010
I love this. I want a tattoo and wonder if i can use this font?
BatoN  02.08.2010
Stupid idiots! This font from game LoK: Blood Omen!
murtagh  20.10.2010
true it is.

p.s. i have blood omen 2, not as good as devil may cry.
Sam Malik  29.01.2012

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