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Birds of Paradise

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PabloImpallari  12.02.2014
This font, originally called Balladeer, was designed in 1975 by Al Eliott.
It was digitized by various foundries under many names, see
Don't buy this font.  13.02.2014
Thank You !
peterp  17.02.2014
Interesting what Pablo has put in the first comment. They do look remarkably similar.
luis6880  06.03.2014
Muchas felicidades, linda fuente.
sthefania  15.03.2014
eu amei e tá me ajudado muito
kred  24.05.2014
Beeutiful font, however it's true, that it resembles Balladeer
Gerrygerry  18.06.2014
The font is a mess. In higher dimension it's just all ruined... awfull work.
Brian Kindle  19.06.2014
PERFECT FOR WEDDING - Thanks a lot !!!!!
Cheyenne71  28.06.2014
Beautiful! Thank you. :)
dohiviwe  10.07.2015
Love this font.
lemonline14  24.07.2015
reminds me of the Paramount logo :^)
Peter.dar  14.10.2015
Nice one, good for wedding invitations.
le mig  20.06.2016
Am I doing something wrong? Some letters have extra space after them making the font unusable for me. Are there adjustments that need to be made on Windows 10 for downloaded fonts?
kimhhnl  29.06.2016
Nice!Love this font. Thank's btw:)
Mr_Andersen  22.02.2017
This is hands down the worst-functioning font I have ever come across in my over a decade of doing graphics design. The fact that it has a pdf included in the download to tell you how to kern it properly because it probably won't show up right, should be a red flag. Even turning on Metrics kerning (which allows the type's creators to set every combination of characters and how close they should be together) was imperfect. Much hand kerning was required. So glad they had this demo available. There are plenty of other similar fonts out there that actually work.
dmky  23.03.2017
thanks for sharing :)
rekha cuttu  16.06.2020
Can I use it for commercial purpose, if yes then what is the cost?
Logan Roman  01.04.2021
i typed in paramount using this font, and i noticed the letters look like the paramount text! i think this is paramount's font, but since this font does not have numbers, they might have used a different font.
THE BOSS LADY  07.07.2021
stewf  11.08.2021
A little more information to add to Pablo’s initial comment: Again, this version pales in comparison to Balladeer and Ballantines Script.

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