Beauty and the Beast

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sonjagrace  19.01.2017
Love this font.... how can I get a commercial license??
Pammy2008  28.02.2017
I also want know how can i get a commercial license??
SamIsAUnicorn  02.04.2017
Omg I LOVEEEE This Font :D I Use it whenever I do youtube videos! :3
s-sxcker  28.04.2017
I love it! So Beautiful ❤️
However, do anyone know how to put those "points" at the beginning and at the back of the phrase? If u know what I mean... Thx!
imcooler  05.05.2017
yes, you just do { for a left one or } for a right one
AestheticMee  15.07.2017
I want this font soo bad! But whenever I click download it will take me to like this page with kinda like codes or just letters and numbers. Someone help me please, i will also ask the owner/maker. (Im on ipad)
edwprz5  19.07.2017
Gracias!! me encanta esta tipografia. saludos desde El Tocuyo, Venezuela
abcgal56  23.07.2017
well... i don't know how to say this... I'M USING POWERPOINT AND I'M NOT ALLOWED TO PUT IT IN THERE.
anniefinley  18.11.2017
I'm using the font on a windows and I understand on a phone those brackets to get the side dashes on the end of the phrase. But those brackets aren't available on a computer only these are () and that dosnt make it so I can use it. PLEASE HELP!!1
Addison Eastgate  07.01.2018
How do I import this to my computer so I can use it in youtube videos. I'VE WATCHED MANY VIDEOS ON HOW TO IMPORT IT AND THEY DON'T WORK!
okaycool  03.02.2018
Is this virus free
okaycool  04.02.2018
mgstr  18.02.2018
hello, i love this font and can i use this for commercial use?
worley.jillian  27.02.2018
Commercial Use??
Avocado123  26.04.2019
Can this be used for commercial use?
BransonXD  18.05.2019
How to do swashes?
Fairy Garden ♡  06.03.2020
Guys for the points at the and and at the start you need to put word in "{}" Like; {beauty and the beast} so you can get them 💖
AmyMorales  05.05.2020
I love it it's great for a video in the thumbnail
Moon4085  30.07.2020
So I downloaded the font but I don’t know how to use it! I don’t know how to get it on my keyboard (I am on mobile). Please help!
oopsieitsyou  05.08.2020
To moon4085: I’m very sorry to tell you this but you can’t use these fonts on your keyboard, only on apps such as IbisPaint and video star (as far as I know) but there are plenty of apps on the AppStore that give you more fonts
swasswas  28.09.2020
Such a cool font
swasswas  28.09.2020
and there's no code type thingy
loveforsofia  14.12.2020
is using this for a presentation that’s for homework still considered personal use?

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