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Base 02

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wiryanata  15.11.2006
i found this font everywhere..
and even use it for some design work..
and now i found the creator...
pure prodigy
PhoeniXeuhouai  06.01.2007
just thank you for a so high quality font :)
201093  09.02.2007
lo sibo de encanro
azucarnegra  16.02.2007
very cool!
j!GokU sHoUJo  25.02.2007
This font has an army-layout. Great! ^^
pinkpalm  26.04.2007
sweet font amp.?
leslie_MOA  12.09.2007
luv this font...reminds me of R3B3Ld3 =D LOL
JulienS  06.10.2007
Very nice (but incomplete).
matheus do udc  09.10.2007
Quero Instalar A Base 02 Como
fraktal2  13.10.2007
Hello, just to say that BASE02 has been used for the brazilian block-buster movie "Tropa de Elite" (Elite Squad, in English). An EXCELLENT movie, by the way, in the same vein than "City of God"

kaleen11  24.11.2007
hey !
love this fonttt.!!

just want to know how i get it to my profilee !
sakdew  31.07.2008
Great work... maxaaaa
Thanks Buddy
Kasun - Sri Lanka
31 07 2008
nevermudos79  20.09.2008
thank`s a lot!!
UtahRugbyGuy  10.10.2009
Love the font but where can I find a pay version so I can collect it for output to my local print house? I don't see the point of having a font you can't even create a PDF from. Does anyone know where I can find a pay version??? License? I'm a professional graphic artist and this font is no good to me unless I can find it. I can always do the outline text but that's a pain in the ___, plus, I don't know if that's even legal.
geekywhiteguy  07.09.2010
Argh! One of my customers found this font (which is nice I guess) but I can't do ANYTHING with it. Can't collect it. Cant outline it. Can't even see it in Photoshop. Boo for Base 02 until it starts working. :p
girly-mozart  05.12.2010
It's goood ;)
Mozartienne ♥  15.12.2010
merci beaucoup pour cette écriture, je la cherchait depuis très longtemps et je suis très heureuse de la trouvée enfin :) !
Nob0dy  03.08.2011
May some one add the "û" because i'm french and August is saying Août and it's really ugly when the u isn't like the other letters.

Great Job,thanks ! :)
gem018  11.12.2011
hi there, I love this font, can you tell me if i can use it commercially for my logo? many thanks x
alar  23.02.2012
cool font
MatiereBleue  23.05.2012
Une typo grunge bon uniquement pour du petit texte car les détails sont grossiers et irréalistes.
mariacp04  15.11.2016
What is the licensing info for using this font? I'd like to use this font for an art opening title. thanks! Great font!
JimmyB  29.04.2017
love tHIS fONT!!!

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