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Maelle.K  01.04.2013
Well done !
rocamaco  01.04.2013
I don't know where or how use it, but I think it's an amazing idea, and even an amazing look as a font. Congrats Anthony, day after day, better and better. :)
Chloe5972  03.04.2013
Ho what a terrific font !!!!!
Pedro Cuevas  09.04.2013
Me gustan todas las fuentes disponibles
ade760nyc  19.04.2013
Dude!!! This is soooo awesome!!
Karissa  24.04.2013
I like this font too but how do you make it like the photo? I think there should also be the capital letters without the hilt.
DjLuu507  24.05.2013
la punta de la espada no me queda
Mackarony5  10.06.2013
I haven't downloaded this font yet (my internet is a tad slow now :/) but it looks so cool!
Maglad  28.06.2013
Does not work for me. Perhaps because I am using openoffice? Other fonts from this very website work perfectly fine, however.
Using windows 7, if that matters. Any advice would be appreciated. I repeat, other fonts work fine
100photos  16.07.2013
Adventure time lol?
hawksm00r  12.11.2013
No @100photos, it was based on the title for the 1982 Conan the Barbarian film.
sanz67  15.02.2014
MatteAce  09.05.2014
I registered myself here just to say that this is the coolest font I've ever seen in my life, hands down!!! GREAT JOB MAN
it can be an amazing tattoo shape
Rasznu  23.12.2014
its nice\
bellamycay  26.10.2015
I honestly do not know what I would use this for, but I downloaded it anyway because there was no way that I was going to pass by this FRICKIN AWESOME font!!!
QuiteGoneJin  24.01.2016
Ok, so 100% free means....Exactly what?
angbo  05.03.2017
So cool! I have to find a way to use this for something!!
rickgroningen  12.01.2018
This is not a Modern Gothic font...
rangeldil  11.02.2018
"<" to make the sword shaft
">" for the tip
"." for more blade
"Caps lock + any letter" Sword shaft + Capital letter
Amazing font.
Smorgasbordatron  09.03.2018
The lowercase "w" letter is too high by a pixel or a few. Plz fix author.
kofipato  21.06.2019
Found this on 6/21/19. Dude you got your $5 for commercial use.Thank you.
lethargydarling  12.02.2020
Thank you so much rangeldil! You really helped me out! This font is my favorite I've seen so far!!

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