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Shiron212  22.10.2018
Awesome font!
TechniKills  24.10.2018
oh yes daddy
emilyzrn  28.11.2018
Hey there, I really like your font and I would like to use it for a logo design which will be on print media and also on the website. Do i need an extra license or is it included in commercial use? Because the company wants to stay as free as possible.
A quick answer here or via email would be great. :)
mikemakeitso  02.12.2018
Hi Mixo FX, I like your font.

Can you tell me if you need a license for Commercial use?

Please message me at

mixofx  Autor von Azonix   04.12.2018
Azonix is free for commercial use but redistribution of the font is not allowed.
mikemakeitso  07.01.2019
Thank you Mixo FX!
josieB  24.06.2019
Very cool font. I typed in "badass" to find it! Love it!

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