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flapps  14.12.2012
Hi Nick,
I absolutely love your font 'ASTERA' and 'Dead Space Box'. Is there any chance I could please use it in a new iOS app I am currently creating?

Thanks so much.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Morseliot  20.05.2015
Hello Nick!
Your font is absolutely cool!, may i use it in my application? Contact me please,
moniker004  08.04.2017
Hi Nick!

This font is mind blowing. I would love to know if I could use it for some artwork. Looking forward to hearing from you

WRAGZ  05.09.2017
Hi Nick!
The font you created is awesome I would like to use it for a logo I created?

Please contact me at

Thanks look forward to hearing from you!
johnromelus  15.10.2017
I like your font Id like to use it for a logo please contact me.  09.03.2018
I would like to use your font in an ad. Can you please contact me?
mricher  02.05.2018
I would like to use your font for a logo I created. Please contact me :
lique100  30.05.2018
Hello Nick,

Your ASTERA font is quite cool. I would like to use it on a logo I just created. Nothing big, just a logo for a personal fitness trainer.

Could you please contact me at

Hi Nick,

May I please use this font in a logo I'm creating?
Please contact me at

Thank you

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