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jossiento01  18.04.2007
i'd like this font a lot but it'll be nice if i can see minuscules of it... at least that's what i think... thank you!!!
shanpuu  28.04.2008
is there a chance to contact the author of this font? we have to supose that this font was created by someone, right? =)

btw, minuscules would be really nice
great font!
yveslm  22.04.2009
Cette police de caractère est celle du jeux vidéo bioshock. Celle de l'un des jeux les mieux noté au monde...
Maverick3001  17.10.2009
Is there anyway of contacting the author of this font, I might be interested in buying.
saz-orozco  07.02.2010
How can I contact the author? Interested in buying.

kimbekah  07.04.2010
how can i contact the author?
im interested in buying.
rsavino  22.07.2010
It was used in the movie "XANADU" (circa 1980)
SpideRaY  04.01.2011
It is also used in Agatha Christie's Poirot Murder on the Orient Express
NappaneeLib  05.01.2011
also used for the Fancy Nancy logo
c.spaghetti  13.01.2011
Paloma Faith used it, but changed some parts of it
Tom.1  26.05.2012
Is there an author contact, yet? - I'd like to use - thanks
ckeilah  01.06.2012
Well, you might ask Bear McCreary, or his web designer, as they seem to be using it, or one almost exactly like this.
juliaoien  13.09.2012
Would like to know if I can use this font on my website? I don't sell anything, education only at this time
csweetin  21.11.2012
Has anyone successfully contacted someone about this font? I'd really like to buy it.
hbglenn  30.01.2013
I would like to use for commercial use, please contact me at - thanks!
CarahSlagboom  20.03.2013
I would like to use this font for a logo, the author can reach me at
rlocatelli  08.10.2013
Very charming font!
jckearney  08.04.2014
I would like to use this font for a logo, the author can reach me at jenkear at hotmail dot com. Thank you!
vnesbit  29.04.2014
I would like to use this font for a small-business logo. Please contact me at vbnesbit via gmail with a price. Thanks.
harristype  25.08.2014
This font is called Andesite Regular and was designed by me in the early 1990s. It was ripped off by someone on a PC shortly thereafter, hence the name being shortened to Andes. This font was completely reworked with additional characters and converted to OpenType format and is now sold commercially for US $15 at
GregG  16.05.2015
Rapture, Bioshock!!!
Lion82  01.06.2015
I would like to use this font for a small-business logo. You can contact me at Thanks
WM86  14.06.2015
This font is used as title cards in Sonic 3 & Knuckles for Zone names (1994). This was when I first saw the font.
sfmassey  08.09.2016
I would like use this font as a logo. Please contact me at
triforce09  30.08.2017
Hey Everyone!!! the Author had posted here!!

Also they mentioned their site:

This should be used rather than asking for them to contact you on a ripped off version of their font!

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