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Amalia P  12.04.2008
This isn't really Greek. The letters are right, but not with the right sounds.

You wrote "LPCFSPT GSSK."

That's what it'd be in English.
arghrach  10.09.2009
erm it says ancient geek not greek??
this is the font for enter shikari right? (:
Kanedu45  23.06.2010
It's not exactly the ancient greek because you wrote:
DPCIEPT GEET so you have to modifi your font
dfw90  18.01.2012
This font is missing several greek letters. There is no Alpha or Iota...
winty5  24.02.2013
peanutbutternjudy  18.11.2014
OMG those people have no sense of humor. I think this font is hilarious. It's great...I love it!
marlowe  12.01.2015
Just what I was looking for. Great stuff. Ancient Geek :)
lhayes51  25.07.2016
Oh, my goodness people! Read what the author wrote about his thinking when he created this alphabet in the file he provides in the download. I think his creation is GENIUS!!
Please let me know about using/purchasing this font for commercial work. Thanks.
CyrpiotAndy  19.02.2017
Please can you let me know about using this font for commercial use ?
erica.nelson  11.06.2020
Hello, I would like to use your font for commercial use. Please let me know if this is allowed! Thanks,

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