Alice in Wonderland

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Staffan Vilcans  24.05.2010
The accented characters seem to have mixed upper and lower case.
XRedWitchX  01.06.2010
OHMAHGAWD xD i love it. Thanks so much!
Midnight Dancer  06.07.2010
Wow, its amazing :P I love it, tks :P
Melanthios  19.09.2010
This is so perfect for my title page--just what I was seeking! Thanks so much!
Maffy  01.11.2010
Awesome font!!!
Tangerine789  21.11.2010
Awesome font. Mission accomplished-total Alice :]
Sorrel  04.01.2011
Absolutely perfect! I am one of the biggest Alice in Wonderland fans, so I will be using this to make many banners and siggys! Thanks so much for the amazing font!
alicespossy  06.01.2011
LOLLOLROFL Alice's Possy digs this SIIICK font. Keep up the good work, you sexy assholes. ;D

Yours Sincerely,
Alice's Possy (not pussy LUL).
charlenegraces02  03.04.2011
alice in wonderland font is......................................................CUTE for me. if you agree, okay!
rukirockz  15.07.2011
I love it so much
lenearensdorff  03.11.2011
Did you just copy the original or are you the actual designer? Sort of a rip of.
artshopjunkie  18.12.2011
I wanna see an Alice: Madness Returns font <3
I love this also, made many banners from it.
Andrés Mendoza  20.06.2012
hello, is to see if I can use your Font for commercial use
Chelcie28  28.06.2012
Hi there, Can I use your Font for commercial use?? I want use it title for my photography logo. Thank you.
Sergio!  04.09.2012
OMG I've been looking for this so much time!
Thank you, very much

See you later, aligater!
nebmo88  28.11.2012
Is it considered commercial or personal if I want to make a birthday invitation for myself?

If commercial, please can I have a contact email to discuss.
changeyourfate  20.01.2013
Thank you for this font. I used it to make this avatar for myself:
Arnild  24.04.2013
I used your font for a short story collection. I hope that is all right^^

Here is the cover art:
SP Angie  13.08.2014
Buongiorno, È possibile fare un uso commerciale di questa tipografia. Grazie per dare il passo a seguire.
In tutto i casi, splendido lavoro!

Bonjour, Est-il possible de faire un usage commercial de cette typographie. Merci de donner la démarche à suivre.
Dans tout les cas, superbe travail !
neuropterist  31.10.2014
Wonderful font! I used it for my Alice: Madness Returns music video:
Dick Trickle  12.10.2015
same tbh
sonjagrace  19.01.2017
how can I acquire a commercial use license?
BrainCancer17  26.04.2017
Downloads, but then says error when I try to put it into my fonts
jonafriedri  06.08.2018
Hello, I want to buy the commercial license. Where can I do so? Thanks!
fabulous12321  14.11.2018
Tycha  12.09.2019
I love it. But, i have a bug. "fl" "fi" in a word is erased by the font
Larrahb  15.08.2020
Hello! I am interested in commercial use of your font! What email can I Use to contact you?

Thank you! -Larrah
eminnii  14.09.2020
Hello I'm also interested in commercial use of your font. What's the best way to contact you?

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