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lupis_docenitas  31.12.2007
I love!!
kikiwiwi  18.04.2008
CustomBusinessCards  21.04.2008
Awesome. I could make pretty cool business cards with this.
Jazzyfay  20.10.2008
i used to do fashionschool and we needed to design our own fashionstore, so i used these faces to put on my shopppingcard, i've got an A :)
so i love this site <3
surasekk  26.01.2009
i want to buy this font for my product,please contact me
deezyonline  31.05.2010
please contact me, I need to buy the rights for one of the emoticons! please contact me!
AlexisChildOfGod  25.09.2010
Is this free/free for personal use or what? (:
ajbit  26.02.2014
i want a licence of this font for my product,please contact me

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