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littleredfox  08.02.2011
Looks a bit like Eras Light. Mayhaps.
Tuppus  Autor von Aaargh   14.03.2011
@littleredfox Nah. Eras Light is more voluptuous, almost hippie. I made this because I needed a thin font to use for product packaging. I wanted something similar to Avant Garde, but I didn't like the geometric shapes that has, the circles and the straight lines. I couldn't find an alternative I liked, so I made this from scratch.
MatiereBleue  13.04.2012
This font looks like... unknown ! Original and beautiful but you can make more weights please ?
heyjay12  04.02.2013
@Tup Wanders, are their any plans to make more weights and add all the spanish accent marks? That would be awesome, great work!!!
Tuppus  Autor von Aaargh   09.05.2013
ashhmon  09.09.2014
Hi! love this font.. Am I able to use this font for a logo I am designing?
JulieS  10.02.2015
Bonjour, puis-je utiliser cette police pour usage commercial ?
Tuppus  Autor von Aaargh   14.12.2015
Darklift  12.05.2016
Hi, can I use this font commercial? I would like to create a logo and use it for texts :)
Tuppus  Autor von Aaargh   02.06.2016
I like your font, but I am missing German charakters ÄÖÜß

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