!Sketchy Times

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aldithepanda  12.11.2009
thats greatfull design bro....
Sheltron3030  12.05.2010
I love this font so much, i got a tattoo with it.
Lokojoejoe  12.11.2010
It fit's with My Fragile Hand
susram  09.09.2011
Dear exclamachine....!!!
all your fonts are so creative ...!!
Great stuff... keep it up dude !
ashgiggles  18.11.2011
dude this a awesome font yall go good wit my name
Acr1m  02.03.2013
Hey, I'm jux poppin in to give you a quick shout out as I download the txt :P Thank you for your contribution. If I ever end up using this text, I'll be sure to give you credit
RyanJWZzz  26.04.2013
Can i use this font in my game? I will give you credits for it.
Choz Cunningham  Autor von !Sketchy Times   09.06.2015
Yes, yes, everyone use this any way you can. And thank you guys so much for your gratitude. I'm so happy to help you.

Susram: I can't work on type everyday, like years ago, but I couldn't ever stop if I wanted. It's in the blood. P.S. check out my stuff on MyFonts, too. Some cost money, but they are even more advanced and/or adaptable, with more variants and more languages supported.
agoriup  07.12.2015
Hello, I was wondering if you could send me a license for commercial use for your font! Please email me a.goriup@hotmail.com

Thanks so much!
nadscant  11.05.2016
hey can i please use this as my brand Font ? for my new venture. Please Please Please ??

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