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Robbstheone  04.10.2006
How can i use ur font for a tatto i wanna get???
poetgirl666  08.10.2006
OMG this is my favourite font!!!
orangeskater  12.10.2006
i'm not gonna lie i dont really like this font too much sorry
melissalikewhat  14.10.2006
good job good job
Nancy Hill  18.10.2006
I cannot lie either, very impressive. So different. I like it!
Miss_princess  24.11.2006
this is so kwl 8)
conversegurl  27.03.2007
OOooo like this font!
its so....ME :P
B15  Autor von (el&font BLOCK)   04.04.2007
No problem for the tatoo...
jessnari15  06.04.2007
<3 iit
Billiondolla48  17.04.2007
Can I use this on myspace and if yes how ?
It's spelled Tattoo.

And i now officially like your fonts, B15. Cool fonts!

La Fonta! ;)
ZygZaag  29.05.2007
SOOOoo freakin' awesome!!!!
bosnianchica441  14.06.2007
how do u do this?
wuerne13  19.06.2007
thaz kool
mint as lyk mine !
RazorGamer  15.12.2007
One word AWESOME! Can't be better.
levelz  17.02.2008
it may old but i say it 1 ov the best handz down
shyywun  19.02.2008
StreetLingaz  11.03.2008
VERY well done font! I love it. Good work.
cesar2893  24.06.2008
ellz1993  13.07.2008
how are u meant to use these fonts i dont get it can someone please email me the answer at Ellz_93@hotmail.co.uk

bobbi10  16.07.2008
how can i use this on other things?
please tell me

d-rek  06.08.2008
msg and tell me how to use these font on a page football_star31@hotmail.com
hey! love your style. I'm currently building a website and would really like to use your font. Would this be possible? You would be listed as a contributer and I would provide a link to your website if you wish. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for your time,

negroo  16.11.2008
hola esta buenisimo esto
mikey86  01.04.2009
how do you make font that good
manniebabi  23.04.2009
very cute
TxGT0MM0xx  24.05.2009
a dont get it i drop it into the font box and nothink happenes
tyler.jones7  27.05.2009
Yo!!!! this is da best font eva
elecgtarplyr14  18.10.2009
Sonnnnn this font is insanne!! Rock the graffiti boyy.
Swagga_Boii  10.11.2009
man im a real gangsta all yo fake azz posers can foget yoself SK ALL DAY halla ps. if u got a prob e mail me at william_bailey98@hotmail.com
jenn-abc-hawkins  28.04.2010
luv it! its well cool1 :P x
JayHackney97  02.06.2011
So i really want to use this font for a t-shirt from my boyfriend, hes a motocross racer and i think it would be cool to beable to put his namein grafitti on the back of a shirt but when i try to download the fontit says it cant cause something is wrong with the font and i cant find a way to extract the file from the folder... please help asap! tinkrox234@yahoo.com
xoxobrigitte  26.03.2012
Good evening this is one I'm looking for a model TATTOOS
kriminal713  15.05.2012
i like this i barely found this out it is really kool
AnDre98  26.09.2012
SpaceOctopus  26.12.2012
Wow how the fuck can all you people be THAT stupid....I swear I don't understand how you even manage to get on a computer, let alone the internet. Complete morons. You can't even be bothered to read instructions, look up solutions or just try something. This couldn't be more simple either. I really wish doctors would stop using life-saving measures and trying to keep people like you from dying when you do stupid things that almost kill you, and should actually kill you, so that nature would take it's course, the way it's supposed to, by killing off the stupid.

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