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Cyanide  04.02.2007
Super font ... thanks ;)
Galaxy105  11.02.2007
Kwl font xD
Stephy12334  19.02.2007
this font is hott.
BrittShane  22.04.2007
i love this fontttt.
Loz  03.05.2007
Awesome! =]
spliffy.x  05.06.2007
i love this font

--------------- x <3
Torrelynnee  07.06.2007
kimpham22  26.06.2007
very cuteee.
blaukraut1981  10.07.2007
It's a great font! I am searching for a font like this but not manual drawed. Have you had a base font for it.
Cristiina  27.10.2007
are so cute!nice nicee!
colombopablo  24.02.2008
Hey I just saw your font used in IdN Magazine:


Can they do that as it is for personal use?
mrxpersonality  16.03.2008
uttah iio nuzeéé cooóó dýzcargarlaááh
mungo_jerry  16.04.2008
thia font is friggin awesome
CustomBusinessCards  21.04.2008
Oh... I like this one.
MayGroove  25.07.2008
xLIMEtree  02.08.2008
this is one of my favorite fonts ever, definitely.
huntsmand  08.09.2008
Can I purchase a license to use for non-personal use? Please? I like it and it would be just about perfect for the dance company I am designing for.
HermioneBeck  25.09.2008
Hey, love this font and its suits the logo I am trying to design for myself perfectly (I'm a photographer). Am i able to purchase a licence?? Thanks.
barisky  14.02.2009
the best font!!
MyNiceName  18.08.2009
I <3 this font,
great job =]
o4x-o9  16.09.2009
hc198  26.10.2009
hi, lovely font, I would like to use it for a some commercial charity work I am doing. what are your licensing options please? contact@hannahcookillustrator.com
BabyJJ  26.01.2010
Cute font >_<
Eroded>Fancy  26.06.2010
i can do jack jack from incredibles ->:( Xp
jennioph  15.07.2010
super cool! i'm considering using this font for my logo... i would like your licensing options as well! kjochsner@gmail.com
jwilliams3d2  28.10.2010
Amazing font, has a mix of uniformity and freedom that would be great for a snowboard site I help manage. Would I be able to use it on this site? http://www.snowboardcomparison.com/
smejia  13.02.2011
I love your font? Can I use it for my logo and web page? I´m a freelance designer. Thanks!!!! sandramejia82@hotmail.com
jambolion  16.02.2011
Hey man, font is awesome, any chance i can use in my logo, and also my business card, greatly appreciated ! just.pretnd@gmail.com
Theunmatched  07.05.2012
Bran, I love the Ank font and like a few others I would like to know if I am able to use it on a logo? I see it says Free, but I don't entirely know the legality of that or if I can use it for a logo.

If anyone else has input on this or has been able to contact Bran please let me know. I love the font and I would love to be able to use it on a logo.
wanderingartisan  10.07.2012
Awesome font! Just what I was looking for, thank you!
Teessider  01.11.2012
Anyone got a contact for this font, I need to get in touch with the author...thanks
aboutthegoodstuff  02.06.2015
This font says its 100% free.I am not sure, but that means it free
redone  09.07.2016
i have problems with using this font; it won't show some letters, at random in a sentence. Can somebody help me?
point4m  11.05.2017
This is fantastic! I love that it is sketchy but still easy to read! I would like to use this font for a calendar for resale. Can you please contact me to let me know what your license cost is? Contact me at point4m @ live . com
psykam  06.09.2018
Chouette police, dommage qu'il manque certains accents pour le français...

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