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DIDI.000  06.05.2013
Cette écriture est super pour les avatar ^^
thecenturion  01.09.2013
Glory to Arstotzka!
mothteeth  27.09.2019
Thank you for the freeware license! This is perfect for my pixel-art comic.
In Aseprite, this font renders correctly at an 8pt setting. I found the word spacing to be slightly too wide, so I modified it in in online editor to reduce it to 3px. Now it looks great inside a speech bubble. Thanks!
Deviner  03.08.2020
any CS50 here?)
Dorskfr  18.09.2020
Yes, CS50 ;P
angela_  02.02.2021
Hey! I was wondering if this is free to use? I'd be using them in a youtube channel and I was wondering if I could have your permission to do so, please? Credit would be given to you in the description! I'm new and not entirely sure how to contact you privately so i hope you don't mind me asking here- Thank you!

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