DBA Muslim

DBA Muslim by Adien Gunarta 
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Note of the author
DBA comes from "don't be afraid"
I'm really disturbed when the world is being Islamophobic... oh my god.. They think all terrorists are Muslim..
No! The fact is 6% of terrorist attack in US and 0.4% terrorist attack in Europe are Muslim. That was very tiny number.
I just wanna get my full right as world society and i can get all of appreciation of humanity and recognition of our community (i.e our people, religion, cultures, folks, traditions). I'm Indonesian Muslim, i see many differences between Indonesian Muslim and Middle East Muslim. We'r rather like Turkey, we are moderate Muslim. We live together with Christians, Catholics, Hindu, Buddhist, Kong Hu Chu, some other Jews in a peace. (Indonesia is anti with Atheism)

A = Crescent Moon and Star
B = Muslim (Boy)
C = Muslimah (Girl)
D = Ordinary Muslimah with Hijab
E = Stylish Muslimah with Hijab
F = Ninja Muslimah (hehehe) :D
G = Burq Muslimah
H = Mislimah without Hijab
I = Bad Muslimah
J = Masjid
K = Holy Quran
L = Holy Quran Portable Table
M = 'God' in Arabic
N = Mohammad in Arabic
O = Kabbah (the cube)
P = The Darvish of Sufism
Q = Tasbeh (helpful tool for Dzikr)
R = Sajdah (place to sujud)
S = Bottled Zamzam water
T = Palm Tree

First seen on DaFont: June 23, 2011

Illustration © Adien Gunarta

DBA Muslim

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