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Bitmap fonts are specially adapted for the screen.
They stay clear and legible at small size.
Be careful! For a correct result:
  • Move the anti-alias off
  • That is no smoothing.
  • Use at the specified size or a multiple
  •   The base size is specified above the "Download" button.
    To increase the size, you must use a multiple in order to keep the proportions, for example for 8 px: 16, 24, 32... In that case you will obtain a pixelised appearance.
      Exception: For the fonts with .fon extension, no need to care of the size, just increase it and that jumps automatically on the right multiple.
    But they are not supported by all softwares (Photoshop yes, Flash no).
  • Don't modify attributes
  •   Left align and scale 100%.
  • In addition in Flash
  •   The X and Y co-ordinates of the textfield must be set on whole numbers.
    The animation must not be resizable, and preferably in low resolution to avoid anti-alias problems.