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19/12/2014 às 16:32  [resposta]  Wishes Script Issues

What software are you using with this font ?

17/12/2014 às 11:57  [resposta]  FONTS FOR LYRICS.

It's the most "readable" on screen.

11/12/2014 às 09:17  [resposta]  fonts into windows live mail

metaphasebrothel disse  
taking a screen capture of the document, to save it as an image file

Or make a PDF (easier for a long text).

10/12/2014 às 10:44  [resposta]  fonts into windows live mail

josiewhales disse  
Dafonts are a useless novelty that will not function in e-mail sends !

It's not a question of DaFont. It's all no standard fonts.
Despite your incivility, you have an explanation in this discution on how to send a text by e-mail with any font you want. If you can't understand it, it's your problem.

10/12/2014 às 10:32  [resposta]  Christmas Font

08/12/2014 às 13:26  [resposta]  MyFonts

There are also flying fish but they are not representative of the specy.

08/12/2014 às 10:23  [resposta]  MyFonts

If your question is to download a font from MyFonts for free, it's impossible.

08/12/2014 às 10:20  [resposta]  Smosh Logo font alternative

You asked for an ♦alternative♦ of this font.

Roadkill is a commercial font. If you want it, you have to pay it.
Download a commercial font for free, it's theft.
If you want e font for free, use one of the "alternative" free fonts suggested by Koeiekat.

08/12/2014 às 10:06  [resposta]  fonts into windows live mail

This kind of message is not the best way to get help.

04/12/2014 às 16:12  [resposta]  MailartRubberstamp

Have you the same problem with other fonts you downloaded here ?

imagi disse  
ça devrait être un projet en open sources, auquel tout le monde pourrait participer...

Tout le monde, peut-être... mais pas n'importe qui.
Parce que, mine de rien, le travail qui est réalisé là est d'une grande qualité. Non seulement par les informations fournies (suivre la piste d'une police dans les millions d'usages qui en sont fait, c'est titanesque) mais aussi par la qualité de la présentation, l'écriture du texte, l'éloquence, etc. Ca n'est pas à la portée de n'importe qui.

04/12/2014 às 09:45  [resposta]  fonts into windows live mail

josiewhales disse  
You may be right by saying impossible,

It's not a opinion, it's a fact.

So,...why download or even try to use dafonts ?

Send a mail is not the only thing possible to do with a computer.

04/12/2014 às 09:39  [resposta]  MailartRubberstamp

I've downloaded, open, installed and used this font without problem.
Have you tried to download it again ?

Editado em 04/12/2014 às 09:39 por Menhir

Vraiment très intéressant.
On n'imagine pas tout le bagage véhiculé par certaines typo.
Effectivement, ça donne une autre perspective dans le choix de la typo.
Le seul regret, c'est qu'il n'y en ai pas plus.
Un grand oublié : Arial et l'histoire de sont clonage depuis Helvetica.
J'aurais aimé trouver aussi Tahoma, Verdana, les Gothiques (Bank Gotthic, Century Gothic), Courrier, Serpentine (Winding ?). On va attendre la saison 2 .

03/12/2014 às 09:15  [resposta]  Greek Type Designers?

Perhaps it would be better you ask your question here directly.

27/11/2014 às 14:47  [resposta]  Help

It's not exactly Trebuchet Bold but it's very close.

Fonte sugerida: Trebuchet Bold

26/11/2014 às 15:39  [resposta]  Question about in-browser usage

He want tu "put into one document".
So, he write on DaFont and he put the images in its document.

It exist on other solution with Windows XP but it don't work with W8.

26/11/2014 às 15:31  [resposta]  Fonte por favor

Merveille is not exactly the same but it's very close and free for personnal use.

Fonte sugerida: Merveille

26/11/2014 às 10:45  [resposta]  Question about in-browser usage

Write the word you want in the Preview Field and do a screen copy of the samples.

26/11/2014 às 10:40  [resposta]  fonts into windows live mail

It's not possible to include a font in a mail or in a instant message, unless your recipient has installed the same font on his computer.
So, it's besser for a message to use only traditional fonts.

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