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Xxtremecutie  23/11/2006
Um.....this font was really good I downloaded it hey if anybody knows the book "Firesong," or "Windisinger," I hope they'll make that font.......
Xxtremecutie  23/11/2006
how come nobody has any comments?
() ()
() ()
0( ) lol.
Xxtremecutie  23/11/2006
on da stupid bunny
Soulshards  24/02/2007

It's a really cute font. I like it.
J'aime Windsong. C'est chouette.
pinkpalm  26/04/2007
Really, quite the elegant, lovely font you've got there!
Nice work--now to find a fitting use for it ^.^
lolabelz3  12/07/2007
lol, I found a good use for it! I used this font in a tattoo of my nickname (Lola)! It turned out super cute.
IronErin  23/09/2007
Amalia P  26/02/2008
This is really pretty. I use it for signatures-'n'-stuff.

jmadrigal  15/03/2008
I love this font. I used it on my wedding invitations!
Something Blue  13/04/2008
using this font as part of my new store logo!
Something Blue
a lovely bridal paperie (used windsong on this line)
dehave  26/06/2008
I know this may make me very stupid, but I can't seem to locate the license info for this font. It is lovely and I would like to use it for some print goods. Thanks!
Jpermaul  11/07/2008
sonz99  09/09/2008
I have been seaching for the details to use Bright Ideaa fonts for commercial use, can someone point me in the right direction for licensing?
ninachu8  18/07/2009
it's a gorgeous font. it's simple yet very sophisticated.
eyoung3  10/12/2009
Hi is it possible to use this font commercially? Let me know,
chanp  16/12/2009
I liked it very much. I want to make commercial use in the greeting card of the company. Will you admit it?
danii20  01/01/2010
Same as above, how can i obtain rights to this font for commercial use?
Nellbabii  23/03/2010
would like to use for commercial use. it's gorgeous. let me know! thanks1
klggrant  01/04/2010
Great font - TFS!
creativemischief  21/04/2010
Gorgeous font! I have done some logo concepts for a client and the one they have chosen to go with uses this lovely font. It's for Mind, Body and Spirit brand, product labels and a website. Is it OK to go ahead and use this font for the logo? I can't find any licencse information for it.
Please someone let me know Thanks!
EmmaLiz  10/06/2010
Very beautiful font - scripty, but still legible. I am very pleased how it prints, as well.
michael_b  24/09/2010
Hi there, I really love this font and would like to know the commercial usage rights for it. Could you please contact me to discuss permissions & conditions.
D1VINE  13/10/2010
can this be used commercially? let me know
kor3anmix1  12/11/2010
hello Bright ideas I will be using this phrase to get a tattoo real soon and i was wondering if u cud send me ur works of this font and other similiar fonts of this sentence. i would so appreciate ut. ur artwork and neatness of font amazes me! love from indianapolis, indiana

Manley wong
frankrothweiler  05/04/2011
Dear Bright Ideas,

could you please let me know, if this typefont is free of charge also for commercial uses? Please let me know and contact me at

Best regards,

Frank Rothweiler
dillon32  26/04/2011
I would like license information also please,
mitsouli  11/05/2011
i am thinking of using this font for commercial, please email me to confirm if that;s possible.
semied  08/06/2011
Could you please let me know, if this typefont is free of charge also for commercial uses!

best regards
Em_mango01  24/09/2011
Hi, Great font! I would love to use this for a header on my website, could you please confirm if that is alright?
kozzyval  30/09/2011
Could I get information on the licensing for this font?
Thanks so much!
studioelbee  28/10/2011
Very nice Font
I would like licensing informations also please,

Thanks a lot
Maricel Metzger  01/12/2011

very nice font. Could I get information on the licensing for this font e.g., free of charge for commercial uses?

Thanks for reply!
mbk564  14/12/2011
I love this font and would like to use it for commercial purposes. Let me know if this is okay?
seh39  04/01/2012
I would like licensing information too. Thanks!
karinviola  05/01/2012
This is perfect!
I also would like licensing information! :)
ktphotography  13/01/2012

I'm interested in using your font for commercial use. Please let me know the licensing info. Thanks so much!
elisetblack  08/02/2012
I would love licensing information as well.
Thank you so much!
barnfestival  10/02/2012
Can you please send me info on commercial licensing information as well? Please send to Thank you!
elodie66  05/03/2012

Dis moi es ce que tu peux m'envoyer sur mon adresse email la phrase suivante avec cette écriture stp?

el sueno es el lujo del pensamiento
tinacharmed  06/03/2012
Does anyone know if this is available for commercial use?
Thank you! I would like licensing info as well
draakjekamui  15/07/2012
I'd like to have license info please;, I'd like to use this for a contest.. :) What if the author doesn't reply? what can i do? thank youu!
c-pip  22/07/2012
hello, lovely font, am I able to use this commercially? please advise. Thanks.
holmesgirl  19/10/2012

I was wondering if it were possible to use this font commercially for a published book? Thank you!
SpaceOctopus  24/12/2012
I'm commenting to warn you, among all others who were also included in this huge license violation, that this person has been redistributing, removing all readme files and licenses, acting as if it was their font and telling others they are allowed to use your font commercially. Whether or not that is true for your font, it's not true for almost all the others included in this package. People like this piss me off, so I'm just trying to let you know about this.
coffeegurl  06/01/2013
Please give the information needed to use this font commerically. Email to
hericosvi  15/01/2013
would like to use for commercial use. it's gorgeous. let me know! thanks
jacksonwargo  01/02/2013
would like permission to use this commercially for a record cover. let me know ASAP. please and thank you.
hericosvi  08/02/2013
Hi there, I am interested in using this font for commercial use. Please contact me as soon as possible in regards to licensing information.

thanks you .
chaimarket0811  08/04/2013
Hi~would like to use for commercial thank~
haleysierra  09/04/2013
I would like to use this commercially. Please provide licensing information! Thank you!
ForeverAri921  12/07/2013
so so pretty i cant even!!
aerie14  30/08/2013
Would like to use this font in my yearbook. Is it free to use for that purpose? Please let me know at Thanks
elissahull  15/10/2013
Same question. . .could you let me know your license info? Use in apps?
ciloucila  16/01/2014
I would like to use it for commercial use for a label. Please let me know if i can!
Jus.tiine  23/01/2014

Pouvez vous m'envoyer sur mon adresse email la phrase suivante avec cette écriture svp?

"A vida é uma luta"
julie_2014  21/02/2014
Hi, I used this font to create a logo for someone, who is already using it. But your font is just for personal use, so my question is, if we can also use it for commercial use. If not we will change it of course. Please let me know: Thank you!
abrnln8685  05/03/2014

I am designing a wedding invitation for a friend and would like to use this font.

I eventually plan on having a website where the wedding invites that I have created are displayed. Can I use this font for free?

Thank you!
happiness-is  08/03/2014
Hello. I'm photographer and I'm actually working on a website to publish my photographs. I would like to use this font for it, can you tell me if this is possible ? If you need, here is my e-mail adress :

Thank you !
nillyxx18  12/03/2014
This is such a beautiful font - however, I wanted to know what the license is?
I'm an author and I think this font would be perfect to use.
Please contact me at
Thank you!
rileyjean  25/08/2014
Would like to know what the cost would be for commercial license for this lovely font? if you could email me to let me know Thanks!
Elysianna  24/04/2015
Commercial use ok?
mrm0915  04/08/2015
Would love to use this beautiful font for commercial purposes! Can I request the license information?
CallaPlan  05/08/2015
I am looking to use this font in a business logo and such. Please provide license information. Thank you.
Squirl  18/08/2015
Dear Bright Ideas,

is it possible to buy the commercial license/rights. I would be very happy to receiva a short information on

Thank you for your creative art!

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