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Bernd Montag  20/01/2009
Very well done!
Dernhelm  29/01/2009
Thank you for this font. It is readable and thorough (all the letters and characters are here), I find it classical (which I like) with a touch of originality (even better ;-). Thanks again for your time and energy in creating this font.
mambolive  01/02/2009
good job !
mamzellebulle  07/11/2009
I downloaded your font and just LOVE IT ! But please i have a big problem : i want to use it in a presentation for my company but i need the é and even if it seems included in the font, i can't have it. Is there a trick that could help me? Thank you very much.
Maffy  01/11/2010
Very good!
LAshwinLeonard  20/10/2012
Nice font, ty.
motorange  20/09/2013
Is this font free for commercial use?
cyndyrdz  19/11/2013
Me encanta esta letra, lo único que le faltaría sería que tuviera una opción que sea Fixed Width
kuhak  07/12/2013
An elegant and well-imagined font. Thanks a lot, and best wishes for more future plaudits and excellence. Cheers :)
Tyason  02/11/2016
seeking permission to use this font in my website.
666CZ  02/01/2017
Perfecto !
ctrlzable  05/01/2017
Thank you for your job! Very smart font - classic and original at the same time!

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