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tyu104  04/07/2011
This is beautiful! Love your handwriting :)
heathert  14/07/2011
Fabulous font! Thanks so much for sharing!
ninjaton  15/07/2011
This is a handwriting?? So pretty though!
MissSecretStar  18/07/2011
I love it! So pretty! ♥ thank you thank you :)
Tappz_TAP  02/08/2011
Hellow would it be possible for me to use this font on a Clothing Design Please?
5754  03/09/2011
this font is very nice! would you give me permission for commercial use? please reply here or to

thanks :)
scovilzahn  12/09/2011
Very beautiful. I would also like to know if I may use this for commercial use? Feel free to respond to
nay_pittman  21/09/2011
Beautiful font, I gave you a little donation not much because I am a student. Thanks :)
jennasuedesign  autor de Jenna Sue   02/10/2011
Hi! The font is 100% free for commercial use, so please use however you wish :) -Jenna Sue
sometimes aislinn  02/10/2011
This is so cute! :) Keep it up!
divz27  11/10/2011
Love this font so much! I ended up using it for the front page of my online magazine! Thanks Jenna!
songtaeil  24/10/2011
how beautiful it is! Thank you.
tomsomething  29/11/2011
Just what I needed. Thanks!
carmencardoza  30/11/2011
Thank you. This is a lovely font.
helza6  24/12/2011
Thank you so much for making this 100% free for everything. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to not stress about licensing. Thank you again, your work is wonderful.
secruoser  06/01/2012
Amazing font Jenna! Thank you so much for this, with the license free to top it up!
lilchef  10/01/2012
Just wanted to say me and my twin sister got tattoos in this font, we love it! xoxo
kreativtheme  07/02/2012
seems like the handmade fonts are pretty popular here ... amazing work Jenna!
Shanna-Kaye  20/02/2012
your awesome! Thanks for letting me use it commerically-i design logos and I know someone will love your font!

Its beautiful :)
ModBlackmoon  21/04/2012
thank you very much! extremely usefull. much more usefull than 80% of those expensive commercial fonts.
aubree.brown  29/04/2012
hi there! great do you do the little heart???
jennasuedesign  autor de Jenna Sue   30/04/2012
aubree, it's the ^ key (above the 6).
aubree.brown  02/05/2012
great, thank you so much!
bossy color  12/06/2012
Thank you for such a terrific font. We've used it on our webiste:!

rob@unique  25/06/2012
Great font. We used it on a cartoon/infographic online and it fit perfectly.
Anna-Lena Johansson  27/06/2012
I have been searching everywhere for the perfekt font for the magazine I am designing. And now it seems like I have found it! There is just one problem: there is no norwegian ø. Would it be possible for you to make one? I wil gratefully pay what it cost if that is possible.
punkmei  12/07/2012
i like ...
meli1957  30/07/2012
if i could have permission to use this on an override please email me at
Loutch928  03/10/2012
Just got a tattoo this past weekend using your font!!! :) Had my daughters name, Isabella Alexis, put on the inside of my wrist along with 3 hearts for the 3 babies we have lost. It's amazing!! Thank you SO much for letting me use it!
jcegan98  26/11/2012
Love this font! downloaded and installed in microsoft... doesnt look the same at all... any suggestions?
littlebows  10/12/2012
Eleivana  29/01/2013
I saw this font on a web page and spent an hour going through all the handwritten fonts just to find it and I did! Yeah! It is so pretty and graceful. Good work!
alocdk  07/02/2013
Very nice font! Used it in a flash banner. Thank you for making it free to use :)
cari0639  13/02/2013
Very pretty font indeed - thank you very much! Like Anna-Lena from Norway (06-27-2012) I miss some letters. From the danish alphabet I miss: æ, ø and å. Would it be possible to make these?
TESSANDCLARK1  31/08/2013
Amber Alison  05/09/2013
Hi I absolutely love your font, but i cannot for the life of me download it. I want to print a phrase i want to get as a tattoo. Ive tried using google chrome, and internet explorer but i cannot get it to print my phrase or even download a usable file. Do you know what i can do???
sylvieweekend  16/11/2013
Dear Jenna Sue, I am a french designer and i would like to use your font for my brand label or to write texts on my tee-shirts. Could you confirm me that i can use your font for commercial use and it is free ?
Many thanks by advance for your answer !!
NicoAcosta  08/01/2014
I have a question, how I can print this ?
sanz67  14/02/2014
This is great... i like it
vkero  26/02/2014
Hi.. I love this font.. I'd want use it for an invitation but I'm franc and i need accentuation… Is it possible and how? Thanks for your answer.
tweet58  16/03/2014
Love the font! Is it possible to use it for commercial use? I am a photographer & would love to use it on some of my print designs. What do I need to do? Thanks!
ychiao  25/11/2014
Thank you so much. I love your fonts :) I just wanted to make sure is it ok if I use it in products that's going to be sold multiple times? Thanks :)
Jeannie.S  13/01/2015
How do I get the license for this font, in order to use versatile? please contact me to discuss further.
ccoleman813  13/01/2015
Thank you so much foor this lovely font Jenna Sue! It's so similar to my own handwriting and makes for great art!!
aj88  19/02/2015
Hello I loved the source, but I would like to know how to put the heart ,
Thank You


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