Ancient Geek

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Amalia P  12/04/2008
This isn't really Greek. The letters are right, but not with the right sounds.

You wrote "LPCFSPT GSSK."

That's what it'd be in English.
arghrach  10/09/2009
erm it says ancient geek not greek??
this is the font for enter shikari right? (:
Kanedu45  23/06/2010
It's not exactly the ancient greek because you wrote:
DPCIEPT GEET so you have to modifi your font
dfw90  18/01/2012
This font is missing several greek letters. There is no Alpha or Iota...
winty5  24/02/2013
peanutbutternjudy  18/11/2014
OMG those people have no sense of humor. I think this font is hilarious. It's great...I love it!
marlowe  12/01/2015
Just what I was looking for. Great stuff. Ancient Geek :)

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