Registered on May 08, 2009
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Sebastian Perales Recio

Born July 15, 1968 (46 years old, Cancer)
Spain (Carboneras)

User comment
I'm addicted to the beauty of words when typefaced.
I'm a doctor interested in admiring fonts and that's why I'm in this forum.
Although I'm a young typographic Padawan, as Drf told me, I like all around typography.
As Fonatica says on Moore: de la caligrafía a la tipografía solo hay unos vectores de distancia.
I enjoy reading ads, books, posters....wondering the typefaces they show: Inkburrow, Night Train 382, Emergency Exit, Tartine Script, ML Rainbow, Abuse, Zapfino, Hero, Inspira.......and thinking on the hard work behind those lovely fonts.
I admire type designers for making us enjoy that beauty of the word.
Thanks a lot to all of them.

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