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C'est trop petit pour être identifié correctement.
Ca ressemble un peut à Furtura mais les barres du M sont moins inclinées et le R est différent.
J'ai aussi l'impression qu'il y a des sérif mais c'est trop petit pour en être sûr.

26/01/2015 alle 11:33  [risposta]  Same or similar font please

I think it's not a font : the thickness of the lines is the same for the big and the small letter. For a real font, the thinkness is proportional with the size of the font.
It's handwork.

26/01/2015 alle 11:25  [risposta]  Font?

The two "c" are different. The tree "o" too.
Sorry, it's not a font.

26/01/2015 alle 10:09  [risposta]  Similar looking alternative to this logo?

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23/01/2015 alle 18:05  [risposta]  Desire glyphs and stylistic alternatives

You have to install several fonts.
Look at

23/01/2015 alle 18:02  [risposta]  I need a Bar Code font

What's the norm used by your scanner ?

22/01/2015 alle 18:47  [risposta]  Whats this font???

Carattere Identificato: Uni 05_x

22/01/2015 alle 09:42  [risposta]  Font?

It look like Marjet Deco, except for E and 6.

Carattere Identificato: Market Deco

21/01/2015 alle 10:03  [risposta]  Police d' école

21/01/2015 alle 09:42  [risposta]  ANY HELP?

It's not a font. It's a draw.

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20/01/2015 alle 10:11  [risposta]  Font Please

Carattere Identificato: Futura

20/01/2015 alle 10:05  [risposta]  What font is this called?

It look like Futura bold but a little bit more condensed.

19/01/2015 alle 11:50  [risposta]  Music notes

16/01/2015 alle 17:12  [risposta]  Help me search this font?

16/01/2015 alle 10:06  [risposta]  WHAT IS THIS FONT'S NAME PLEASE

Carattere Identificato: Octin Prison Free

For the font that don't include the € symbol, Word change the font when I clic on the € key.

What software are you using ?

13/01/2015 alle 14:50  [risposta]  badaboom bb

In the text file includ in the zip file of this font :

This font is (C) 2003 Nate Piekos. All Rights Reserved.
Created for Blambot Fonts
If you have any questions, visit
For more free and original fonts visit Blambot :
Nate Piekos

Have you tried to change the line spacing in the paragraph parameters ?

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13/01/2015 alle 10:19  [risposta]  Alpe d huez - font ? :))

Futura Extra bold (ou black) oblic (or italic).
Except for the ' and the e.

Carattere suggerito: Futura Extra Bold Oblique

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13/01/2015 alle 10:05  [risposta]  The Oscars 2014

It seems to be Century Gothic but more thin.

Carattere suggerito: Century Gothic

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