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09/12/2016 alle 09:50  [risposta]  Help

I think it's Stonehenge with the G of an other font.

Carattere suggerito: Stonehenge

09/12/2016 alle 09:40  [risposta]  FONT?

Carattere Identificato: Futura Heavy

05/12/2016 alle 18:56  [risposta]  Lifestyle 1985 font

Carattere Identificato: Futura

05/12/2016 alle 16:51  [risposta]  Font used for plasma cutting

littlebluechoo ha detto  
I'm tied of the same old stencil fonts Looking for something new that doesn't have cut outs.

Some other "stencil" styles :

Carattere suggerito: Cooper Black  (GiÓ suggerito qua)

05/12/2016 alle 13:21  [risposta]  Help ! Reseau EHPAD

Coup de change, c'est ma police "standard".

Carattere suggerito: Arial Bold

05/12/2016 alle 10:31  [risposta]  Help ! Reseau EHPAD

Carattere Identificato: Eurofurence

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k66473 ha detto  
I can not install font.

What's append exactly ?
Have you read the FAQ ?

01/12/2016 alle 10:47  [risposta]  Elven Font

SageWoman ha detto  
You mean I don't have to have any special equipment or printer for the non-standard American alphabet? Cool!

You don't need special equipment to use any TTF font, including non-latin (American) alphabet (I use often asian alphabets) or even symboles (like that ).
You are able to use every fonts available on DaFont without special equipment.

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01/12/2016 alle 08:58  [risposta]  Elven Font

To install a font on Windows :
If you have some difficulties with this process, you can ask questions.

After install, you can use the font with every installed softwares (using fonts of course) and every printers (younger than 30 years).

It's very close Furtura Black but the "I" is a little bit different.

Carattere Identificato: Futura

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30/11/2016 alle 11:12  [risposta]  Font identity

I know this font with the name "Lower Westside" but I don't know a reliable website to download it or buy it.
I got it on a CD many year ago.

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A font file is a file same an other. You can store it everywere you want.
If you don't use some fonts, don't install them. Just store it in an other directory an install only the fonts you need.
It will be easier to use.

25/11/2016 alle 17:58  [risposta]  Font?

Justice is a question of point of view.
Remember that the villain is the hero of is ows history.

25/11/2016 alle 17:54  [risposta]  Pimpa Fimo

It's too little et too clear for a good identification.
It look like Time New Roman bold.

Carattere suggerito: Times New Roman

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25/11/2016 alle 17:48  [risposta]  Queens? What font?

Carattere Identificato: Futura Medium

25/11/2016 alle 10:11  [risposta]  What is this font?

It's very close Franklin Gothic (juste a little difference at the "g").

Carattere suggerito: Franklin Gothic

Modificato su 25/11/2016 alle 13:39 da frd

25/11/2016 alle 10:11  [risposta]  What is this font?

But it's the same look than Arial.

Carattere suggerito: Arial

Modificato su 25/11/2016 alle 13:40 da frd

24/11/2016 alle 11:45  [risposta]  Cant find this font

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