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26/11/2014 alle 15:39  [risposta]  Question about in-browser usage

He want tu "put into one document".
So, he write on DaFont and he put the images in its document.

It exist on other solution with Windows XP but it don't work with W8.

26/11/2014 alle 15:31  [risposta]  Fonte por favor

Merveille is not exactly the same but it's very close and free for personnal use.

Carattere suggerito: Merveille

26/11/2014 alle 10:45  [risposta]  Question about in-browser usage

Write the word you want in the Preview Field and do a screen copy of the samples.

26/11/2014 alle 10:40  [risposta]  fonts into windows live mail

It's not possible to include a font in a mail or in a instant message, unless your recipient has installed the same font on his computer.
So, it's besser for a message to use only traditional fonts.

Lost Saloon include only upercase. If you use lowercase, it will appear as a blank.

In Win XP, have you unmark the option "Hide the extension" to know exactly if you have "copy" a font file ?

What the name of the font you have installed ?
How have you installed it (with maximum of details) ?

Do you need a font or do you need a logo ?
Because it's not necessary to create à full font if you need only five letters. It's easier to create only a logo with a graphic vectorial software.

It's very close Comics Sans but it's not exactly the same.

Carattere suggerito: Comic Sans

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17/11/2014 alle 09:29  [risposta]  need your help people

17/11/2014 alle 09:13  [risposta]  myfonts free

._. ha detto  
they cost too much money and I don't think its fair to charge $100 for a font

Try to create a correct font and after, perhaps you can tell the cost is too much.

12/11/2014 alle 10:26  [risposta]  Chiffres sans courbes

04/11/2014 alle 15:46  [risposta]  Help Please!!

Free softwares :
Inkscape (vectorial) :
Gimp (bitmap) :

04/11/2014 alle 09:42  [risposta]  I in need of some assistance.

04/11/2014 alle 09:40  [risposta]  Looking for a travel book font

Une remarque supplémentaire (issue de ma propre expérience) : si dans ton texte, tu prévois qu'il puisse y avoir des passages (ou simplement des mots) en italique ou en gras, fait attention à choisir une police qui comporte ces variantes. Sinon, ça n'apparaitra pas à l'impression.

04/11/2014 alle 09:38  [risposta]  Help Please!!

Théoricaly, it's possible to do that with a font but if it's just for one logo, it's easier to do that with a vectorial graphic software.

Did you can show this icon to know exactly what you need ?

03/11/2014 alle 09:18  [risposta]  Looking for a travel book font

D'une manière générale, les polices "Serif" sont plus lisibles que les "sans serif". Il suffit de regarder ce qui est utilisé dans les journaux, les romans et les magazines.

Pour lui donner un côté "aventureux", tu peux essayer une police imitant une machine à écrire.

Pour les titres, tu peux utiliser une police "brush".
C'est déconseillé pour les corps de texte car c'est assez pénible à lire sur de longs textes.
La police True Crime donne une ambiance "pulps"
Ou Leatherface

Si tu veux en faire un livre commercial, fais attention aux droits qui y sont attachés.

31/10/2014 alle 10:31  [risposta]  Font name ? GAMA BOMB

I know a similar font with the name "Lower Westside" but i can't find a reliable site to provide a link.

Added a link.

Carattere Identificato: Lower-WestSide

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29/10/2014 alle 10:09  [risposta]  QUEENS

The curves of the circle and the "tail" of the Q are different from Trajan.
The circle look like the circle of Times New Roman "O".

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