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30/06/2015 alle 13:48  [risposta]  modern calligraphy

23/06/2015 alle 10:03  [risposta]  Uknown Font

Try to send a request in the identification forum.

18/06/2015 alle 10:41  [risposta]  Open Office

You install the font in your Windows OS and you can use it in all software using a font, including Open Office.

18/06/2015 alle 10:38  [risposta]  POLICE OU PAS POLICE ?

Windings 3, en standard dans Windows.

Si ça ne te suffit pas, voir :

15/06/2015 alle 13:54  [risposta]  A stupid question

Public Domain is not the only possibility.

You can use the fonts 100% free too.

Or you can use commercial/donationware fonts too, if you pay the price of course.

12/06/2015 alle 11:24  [risposta]  Riesling font for commercial use?

Only the creator of the font can answer to this question.

This is not a font.
Look, evry P are différents, Every S, every T, etc. too.
It's handwritten.

08/06/2015 alle 10:35  [risposta]  Submitting a font

A font can't include color or grey. A font is alway just black and white (or rather full and empty).

08/06/2015 alle 10:31  [risposta]  Police d'écriture pour émotions

08/06/2015 alle 09:56  [risposta]  Need a Font

gen_shingar ha detto  
Scanning US currency is not usually a good idea.

Scan juste the little area with the font you need.

03/06/2015 alle 15:48  [risposta]  Need a Font

Make a scan and send your question in the Identification forum :

03/06/2015 alle 15:44  [risposta]  Police Spéciale

Je n'ai jamais vu ce que tu demandes et la probabilité que ça existe est plutôt faible (même si ce n'est pas impossible).
Ne serait-il pas plus simple pour toi d'utiliser 5 images clipart, ce qui est plus facile à trouver ou même à faire soi-même ?

03/06/2015 alle 15:41  [risposta]  Cherche la bonne police

Ceci pourrait peut-être te convenir :

02/06/2015 alle 10:09  [risposta]  What does "free for personal use" mean?[]=10&l[]=1

Modificato su 02/06/2015 alle 16:39 da Rodolphe

01/06/2015 alle 10:41  [risposta]  What does "free for personal use" mean?

RoastedGravy ha detto  
I'm using a free for personal use font as a base for my profile image on YouTube.

YouTube is a commercial site. So, using a font on YouTube can't be "personnal use".

I'm hoping to be able to make money making videos for YouTube, and I was wondering if I can use this free for personal use font or not.

Not without the agreement of the creator.

The creator of the font never contacted me, even though I had sent an e-mail to him/her asking for permission to use the font

the lack of response can not be regarded as an agreement.

26/05/2015 alle 09:40  [risposta]  encadrement déco

Il y a de nombreuses polices d'ornement sur DaFont.
Par exemple

Mettre le mot "ornaments" dans la case de recherche te permettra d'en localiser plusieurs :

18/05/2015 alle 11:06  [risposta]  Commercial use

If you want to have an idea about the price of a font, you can look at some professionnals sites like :

18/05/2015 alle 10:51  [risposta]  Vertical Tilde

verticalize ha detto  
Thanks for your attempt to help. Unfortunately, my editor won't print that. I just need a symbol in MS Word.

What I've explained is to do with MS Word.

15/05/2015 alle 10:08  [risposta]  Similar Font Finnegan

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