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25/07/2014 alle 10:17  [risposta]  custom font

25/07/2014 alle 10:10  [risposta]  HELP I NEED THIS FONT

Carattere Identificato: Freshman

22/07/2014 alle 08:21  [risposta]  Font creation services for hire?

koeiekat ha detto  (vedi post)
to an inexperienced Mac user ...

All experienced users was befor inexperienced users.
You juste have to bother.

For me "I'm inexperienced" is not a good reason to say "do it for me".

21/07/2014 alle 10:18  [risposta]  Acceptable in the 80s...

Chicago :
A classic on the dot-matrix printer.

21/07/2014 alle 10:09  [risposta]  Font creation services for hire?

kitty394 ha detto  (vedi post)
I cannot afford to purchase the soft wear

Some Font creator softwares are free.
And some others cost less than $100.

18/07/2014 alle 09:02  [risposta]  Tumblr font

Carattere Identificato: Arial

16/07/2014 alle 15:27  [risposta]  Nice Guy

16/07/2014 alle 15:21  [risposta]  what is CREAMFIELS font?

Carattere Identificato: Avant Garde Gothic Bold

16/07/2014 alle 14:40  [risposta]  What font is this?

Just a difference for the point of the i.

Carattere suggerito: Avant Garde Gothic Demi Bold

15/07/2014 alle 09:20  [risposta]  Acceptable in the 80s...

80's ? It before the creation of the True Type Format.
Look at the old pixelised Macintosh fonts...

09/07/2014 alle 11:56  [risposta]  sapete dirmi che font Ŕ?

It's not a font : all the "e" are different and the 2 "l" and "o" too.
It's handwritten.

08/07/2014 alle 09:57  [risposta]  Morning

Your problem is to download or is it to install and use ?

07/07/2014 alle 17:13  [risposta]  Giuseppe Zanotti Font

jigglypuff789 ha detto  (vedi post)
I need this font!!

It's not Ó font.

07/07/2014 alle 17:11  [risposta]  "Personal Usage"

If it's sold, il's not "personnal".

07/07/2014 alle 17:09  [risposta]  NEED THIS FONT EFFECT HELP!!

This is not possible to include this effect in a font format.
It's done with a graphics software (parhaps PhotoShop or something like this).

03/07/2014 alle 18:07  [risposta]  Saving Fonts

02/07/2014 alle 09:19  [risposta]  Font stealing? Copyright infringement?

Send a message to :

koeiekat ha detto  (vedi post)
this person ...

I think it's this one :

Have you unzip the file ?
What font are you talking about ?

30/06/2014 alle 15:30  [risposta]  Fuse

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