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This Font ??

29/01/2013 alle 10:11

Hi everyone
I can't find the exact font of this logo, does anyone knows from what font it's from ?

This Font ??

Carattere Identificato

Eras Bold   Suggeriti da rocamaco   (vedi post)

Caratteri suggeriti

Aquiline Black   Suggeriti da matsl   (vedi post)
Ergoe ExtraBold   Suggeriti da matsl   (vedi post)

29/01/2013 alle 11:42

Carattere suggerito: Aquiline Black

29/01/2013 alle 11:47

or this one...
Carattere suggerito: Ergoe ExtraBold

29/01/2013 alle 11:49

maybe you could add links ?

29/01/2013 alle 14:44

Manually condensed...
Carattere Identificato: Eras Bold

Modificato su 29/01/2013 alle 14:44 da rocamaco

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