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Steve's Ice Cream

16/01/2013 alle 16:43

Anyone know the typeface used in "Steve's" part of Steve's ice cream logo?

Steve's Ice Cream

Carattere Identificato

Euphorigenic   Suggeriti da fmontpetit   (vedi post)

Carattere suggerito

Knockout   Suggeriti da rocamaco   (vedi post)

16/01/2013 alle 16:48

This version has the 'Right Single Quotation Mark' (Alt+0146) used for the apostrophe.
Carattere Identificato: Euphorigenic

Modificato su 16/01/2013 alle 16:57 da fmontpetit

20/07/2013 alle 19:06

Anyone know the secondary font used in the "ICE CREAM" part of this logo, or can recommend another secondary font to go with euphorigenic? thanks!

20/07/2013 alle 20:15

Carattere suggerito: Knockout

Fuso orario: CEST. Ora sono le 11:42

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